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World Bank announcement
Did you ever wonder why protests occurred at Singapore when the World Bank just met? Why Wolfowitz admitted it was wrong to exclude MBA activists cleared by the World Bank, but DID NOTHING? Why the non-aligned nations met in Cuba, and 24 of those attending were listed as failing by the World Bank because they supported Hugo Chavez's bid to have Venezuela in charge at the U.N. instead of the U.S. puppet, Guatemala? If you want a direct response, email or phone Tom Blinkhorn: 202-458-0282 work 603-643-9863 home  tblinkhorn@valley.net Tom is a senior advisor for Europe and Central Asia regarding sustainable development. He says the World Bank played an important role in eradicating blindness in Central Africa, that Perkins is a liar. (Einar Greve confirms Perkins' story of an Economic Hitman. An international economist, Daniel Turner acknowledges that the World Bank nearly plunged the U.S. into bankruptcy in South America and continues to lead us astray. Ever wonder why we are getting so far into debt that international bankers can dictate foreign policy to us?