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Jurisprudence In The Philiipines: Motion To Slash Judicial Ground On Hypocrisy

Search and seizure just like a commando nature of nailing or advocating in behalf of the accused and the commanded puppet who actually serves the point blank at the desk of your attorney. A probable review of questioning legal grounds and rights of the murdered and the murderer. The Lawyer's worksheet on how to kill yourself.
The scope of buearucracy in status of determined unbalance treatment of discretion to the field of criminality, fraud, malice and other offences are twisting in itself so as it is like a beast to kill the poor and to feed the rich. Under the Rules of Court it is stated that a complaint or information must charge but one offense, except only in those cases in which existing laws prescribe a single punishment for various offenses. It is in the Duplicity of Offense that these provision is included and that by this statement, the true essense of equality is limited. The legislature are trying their best to reconcile on the interconnection of ammendments when also they are tangled by the claws of red tapes. In reality these provisions only applies when started with a mission order or warrant of arrest but most of the time these corrupt system only implies when paid or justice itself is prohibited when warned of death. It was to suggest that the laws of Jurisprudence only functions if complaint affidavit has reciept. The people refers to join the revolutionary army of Chinese Empire which what they call the New Peoples Army. It's just a badluck that until it bleeds to the red side oppressed people are still chosen to be the last to eat and not invited to join in the dinning table. Just like a slave, they are supposed to wait for the leftovers for the dogs. The Government doesn't care about the NPA because they are also part of the killing joke. As long as the ammunitions are profitting and wheels of the spinning money bags are continiously plugged as a big fuelled machine, nobody really cares but you who feels that touching sides of your intestines. Last month, Amnesty international visited the country for a check on the issue of political killings in the country. There were no clear suspects as to the investigation of the case but some experts pointed the finger on the President and to other Government officials who allegedly ordered the assasination to the murder. Last week, groups of young people in Belgium rallied a protest strike offering flowers to the slain. Up to now, still no evidence to the allegations were filed as far as the media is concerned and theats are still of trends while the Judiciaries are of no account. Conferring to the issue are student activists and some concerned groups of pride questioning the non-reacting enforcement of the government which would seem to feed the majority of the slaves to the lions. Picketing at a stand on guarding the situation, the media and corrupt as well watchering the caustic uniformed sleeves of hidden civil war which was mistaken for a prat warfare of some chocolate robbed by a nerd. There is supposed to be no government but only system and the liners are in insist that you must first pay for the dry seal before you continue bleeding your head hole. The intellectuals delivered that a nation can survive with only one system or few unless they deal with war, so called socialism would resort to real terror. Injustice are a costume of tradition, with it the Filipinos always known as brown men and as well rough as an attritioning mammal of no access to legal procedure because provisional remedies are only for the dressed. The Civil Code is of the ruling process but killings are separated as another idea of human life and no personal links are in the culture for political mini-genocidal trans. An appeal to debate but no subjection because the ethics are of in written standards and the illiterates doesn't know how to speak. Third world people are to kill. In section 1 of rule 126, "Search and Seizure" conveys that a police officer is commanded to search and confiscate personal properties and bring all to the court. Such a law which deprives human rights and is of no value in terms of putting morals for the controlled.

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