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Information on Glenn Shooting

Picture of the knife/Full 911 tape
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911 call 24.Sep.2006 10:54


just in case, i downloaded the 911 call and uploaded it here. i wouldnt want the police to remove it or otherwise make it unavailable in the near future. this is for preservation.

and, you know, it is disturbing. his mom doesnt sound hysterical. she doesnt sound as if she is fearful for her life, but for HER SONS LIFE. and he is already bleeding and wounded. he has a 3" knife.

she keeps saying that he "is already bleeding pretty bad." and she says "if the cops come here he is going to kill himself."

the 911 dispatcher says "with my officers on the way i dont want his friends in the way when they get there."

hope says "i dont want them to kill him." the dispatcher says "i know, but you did the right thing, they are going to try to talk to him." all i hear is the police yelling at him, probably with guns drawn...that doesnt sound like "talking."

i heard four or five bean bags and then right after that about six or seven gunshots...and this person no longer had life.
911 call of police killing lukus glenn, 18 years old.
911 call of police killing lukus glenn, 18 years old.

interesting 24.Sep.2006 12:31

but heartbreaking

the call lasts for just over ten minutes.

that means, within ten minutes, the police were called, arrived, wounded, then murdered a young, confused and depressed kid.

at least he was white. it only took the police 24 seconds to arrive, assess and murder james jahar perez.