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"Oh jeez, I think we killed him. Who's gonna write this one up?"

This bunch of cops just stood there, thumbs in their ass, while the last beats of James Chasses' troubled heart faded.
Never mind all the bullshit about the mix ups, and the delays, etc. These fuckers killed the poor guy, then stood around trying to get their stories straight about how he died. Died on the way to the hospital my ass-he was dead when they finished kicking him to the curb. Now, they have to convince the paramedics to take him to the hospital, so that it might LOOK like he expired enroute. THE FUCKING PIGS MURDERED ANOTHER INNOCENT PERSON, AND NOBODY WILL DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Maybe they will get an award for heroism or some such nonsense.
Drug Tests 24.Sep.2006 06:58

Den Mark, Vancouver

When a truck driver has an accident, he's routinely given drug tests, i think. Why is it that when cops have "an accident", THEY are NOT given drug tests. I KNOW, from seeing some popos, that some are on steroids. That could explain outrageously violent behaviors of some of them.

Maybe THAT's what they were doing 24.Sep.2006 07:58


Maybe eight cops and two paramedics standing over one poor, dead "suspect" were discussing who gets to be drug tested, and who gets to administer such tests?

No Drug Tests for PoPo - ever 24.Sep.2006 08:27


For everyone's info, Portland Police Officers are not subject to drug tests at all.
This is thanks to the local Police Union who regularly vehemently opposes such testing
whenever the subject comes up.
Drug tests are either not a part of the union contract or they are prohibited in the contract.

Steroid use: Google the web for "cops on steroids" regarding police officers in other cities.
ABC has dones a story on it as well as various medias in other cities. You wont have time to
read all of the stories.

Use affects judgement, attitude and can make one violent.

some links:
ABC News: Big Guns: When Cops use Steroids

Police on Steroids, an Emerging Problem
 link to www.timesdispatch.com


it's not just adrenalin... 24.Sep.2006 09:54

this thing here

blinding paranoia and bulging neck veins, meth fits and roid raging. the only logical explanation for recent behavior by law enforcement.

or maybe it's just poor training, or incompitence...

which is say, there sure as hell isn't a justifiable reason for it.

good cops need to stand up 24.Sep.2006 13:01


the worst part of this is the mobster like mentality that exists within police circles when shit gets foul. if there truly was dirty stuff happening here, which it definitely looks like, none of the guys who witnessed this and know what happened are gonna step up and speak out. because they know there's gonna be hell to pay and they'll spend the rest of their careers being blackballed and ridiculed. sadly, that's not what dirty cops need to worry about when they're deciding whether or not to pull some shit.

that's the only way this stuff is truly going to end, when dirty cops know that they're not safe playing dirty around their fellow cops, knowing people they're working with WILL step up and put an end to their careers.

somehow there needs to be more incentive for good cops to act on this stuff so it doesn't happen repeatedly. what that's gonna take to happen, i have no idea.