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imperialism & war


2,700 US military deaths.
200,000 Iraqi deaths, mostly civilian.
For Bushco coffers.
It is also 2.3 per day 24.Sep.2006 01:12


... as this graph shows. And these are just the "official" numbers. And how many tragically injured, lost limbs or eyes or minds? And how many have simply lost their humanity?
C'est la guerre
C'est la guerre

... 24.Sep.2006 09:57

this thing here

soldiers came back from viet nam after one tour, and never recovered.

our soldiers today are forced into more than one tour, our tours which last more than 18 months. even if they volunteer, the effect of war is still the same, especially on their mental health.

also 25.Sep.2006 10:37


The "official" numbers DON'T include those who are transported to hospitals in other countries and die there. Or who come back and kill themselves.

The effects of this war 25.Sep.2006 19:15

Jody Paulson

may be with us for a very long time. What of high rates of birth defects in children of conceived by veterans from the first Gulf War? The 56% disability rate of military personnel "serving in the theater of operation?"

Depleted Uranium Blamed for Cancer Clusters Among Iraq War Vets
 link to www.wagingpeace.org