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mencia message to young men

last night comedienne carlos mencea performend a routine that could have been written by homeland security to an audience of young people who can least afford his message of division by race, class, gender and age.
last night at the schnitzer theater in downtowen portland carlos mencea, humorist and spokesman for youth of color (sorry about being politically correct), delivered the message of "forget about sensitivity to others - it's not manly".
those left behind in new orleans were at fault for their own condition because they did not move out. he didn't mention those left in nursing homes or hospitals being unable to move on their own.
a real man will call an african american a nigger if he has any balls, women are largely for pleasure - many young women on dates laughed along to the dehumanizing comments. men should party on forgetting the history of special privilege guaranteed to the elite - try college entry if your father was an alumni versus if you are on your own and looking to indenture your future to attend a public university without the built-in networking to your future job. or the redlining to your housing or the raids on workers if they try to form unions or the receiving a loan for a small business. etc.,etc.,etc.
did i miss the point or am I in the dustbin of old activist who helped bring the changes reflected in the politically correct language of today? it seemed to me the message given last night was not reflective of the conditions that exist more and more today as the security state is formed around us and mencea does no service to the young in encouraging their acceptance of the planned new world order.
from another old dustbin activist 24.Sep.2006 09:02

pdx911truth bloke

Thanks for the write up. This kind of first person reporting--especially by sombody who pressed successfully for so long for a more humane and _d_emocratic approach to just about everything--is what I think pdxIMC and other IMCs are all about. That's how to BE the media : keep on keeping on