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Nothing Right

The one glaring undeniable fact regarding the Bush administration is the fact that they have failed in ALL their endeavours - in other words they have done nothing right. The latest display of neo-con ineptitudes by John Bolton and Condoleezza Rice regarding their tactical inaction during the conflict in South Lebanon reveals the essential ideology/philosophy of the neo-cons - not only [to], 'GIVE WAR A CHANCE; but also, WAR IS THE ANSWER'! [Thank you John Lennon.]
American Warfare (the solution of brutes, morons and barbarians) has created more havoc and mayhem than the regime it displaced. We were led to believe that we would be welcomed with 'bunches of flowers' and that WMDs were the principal reason for invasion and that oil exploitation had nothing to do with our military intervention. Lies ALL LIES! The 'bouquets of flowers' has gone down in history as the most moronic assessment of all time - it also reveals a dangerous disconnection with the real world; WMD has proven to be the biggest, most heinous criminal fabrication (lie) of the 21st century. As for the oil, it is being extracted at maximum possible speed. I ask all those in denial or who fail to face the facts, are you complicit in the criminal enterprises of your government or are you just plain stupid! In either case there will be hell to pay, DENIAL is not a solution it's a pathological condition!

Why is the rest of the world able to so easily determine the lies, ineptitudes and criminal incompetence of the Bush regime while the U.S. population evades, denies or procrastinates? As each day passes another exposure of the criminal tactics of the U.S. regime makes headlines - the latest was the threatening comment made by Rich Armitage to the Pakistani leader, to paraphrase: 'if you do not co-operate we will bomb you/Pakistan back to the stone-age'. Those of us in Australia who know Commissar Armitage well have no doubts as to the veracity of these intimidating remarks. However, this only adds a straw to an EXISTING mountainous heap of lies, deceit and murder.

The innocent civilian death toll in Iraq since America brought 'peace and stability' to the region is now conservatively estimated at well over one hundred and thirty thousand - notwithstanding twenty three thousand U.S. casualties - these figures should be cause for alarm and would be in any nation where denial was not a component of the national character! Latest research would also indicate that torture in Iraq today exceeds levels of the previous regime. However, Iraq spells, according to Bush neo-con logic, a 'resounding success story'.

I challenge anyone to cite any positive contribution the Bush regime has made to international relations (world politics) the environment, the economy, or to the quality of life in hometown USA.

The word FAILURE is not written on the wall; it is written on the foreheads of every U.S. citizen and any other person or government in support of this blatantly criminal regime.

There does exist, however, one outstanding 'achievement' of this regime - NEVER BEFORE HAVE SO FEW MADE SO MUCH MONEY!

I leave you to your fate.

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