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Topic specific IMC Newsletter?

Is there any way a topic specific "Portland IMC Newsletter" can be created?
I just now noticed the weekly Portland IMC Newsletter. (OK, so I'm a little slow!) Is there any way a special one can be created re: "death by cop" that we can print and distribute?

I know there are many folks around here who care deeply about these problems but who either don't have access to a computer or have the time or knowledge to keep abreast of this on the web. I can assemble and print out relevant articles on my own, (and probably will, if necessary) but the newsletter is very professional and attractive and would lend more credibility in my opinion.

Just a thought....

do it if you want! 23.Sep.2006 15:35

imc contributor

use the same format as the other newsletter and produce what you want. you are indymedia too!

yes! 23.Sep.2006 18:13

indy fan

Yes, Madam Hatter. We're all indymedia. I love your informative work. I think you would do a great job putting together a newsletter like that. If you do, be sure to post it here, and we can all help to print and distribute it. (And by the way, it doesn't need to look "professional." Indymedia is about taking back our own voices, as they are. It's not about slick glitz. So anything you come up with will be great!)

willing to teach computer layout 25.Sep.2006 16:41

pirate pdxmedia@mutualaid.org

Email me if you would like to learn how to basic print layout on a computer.

Thanks to all 26.Sep.2006 15:55


I'm working on this now. I have graphic design experience and can set up something, but I don't have any way to make it a .pdf file. I was going to use Word, but it doesn't look like a .doc file can be uploaded here. Can it? Or can I send the .doc file to someone to convert to .pdf? If so, are there any formatting tips or specific things I have to do to the .doc file so that it can be converted? Also, is it OK to use the IndyMedia graphics/logo?

Thanks for the help and the info.


you need adobe acrobat to make a PDF 26.Sep.2006 16:47


you can download a trial version off the adobe website. You can then get a serial number for it so it doesn't expire. When it is installed, print your word doc as a pdf file.

acrobat is different than the pdf reader. good luck.