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Declaration of Peace - nonviolent action

On Thursday September 21, 2006, 9 people attempted to deliver a Declaration of Peace, which calls for an end to the war in Iraq, to Senator Gordon Smith's office in Portland, OR. They were stopped from entering the building by police and security, so they sat down, refusing to move until they were all allowed in.
As the building (The Portland World Trade Center) is on private property, they were were later charged with trespassing. So much for being able to petition our representatives.

Here are some pictures and a link to a YouTube.com video of the event:


homepage: homepage: http://www.declarationofpeace.org

sorry 23.Sep.2006 00:40


sorry I uploaded this 3 times - it was accidental. Anyway this one is the right one, with the right date.

Thank you! 23.Sep.2006 07:08


Excellent photos...and video. (Be sure to watch the video.) It is one thing to hear about what these great people did, but to see them sitting and to hear them singing gives me hope. I am not surprised at their arrest. How dangerous is it to want to stop the war! Of course, none of this was covered on corp media. That really doesnpt matter all that much anymore. Send this link to everyone you inow.

thankyou to the Portland Nine 25.Sep.2006 20:21

Jacqueline Kinsey jakins@open.org

Thankyou for participating in a singing sitin at Mr.Smith's office building against this unpardonable war.
This is the war that began with the US and British invasion of Baghdad in February 2004 and has continued without letup.
We note the silent rollcall of the dead on the nightly TV news.

At your arrest we are with you in solidarity and spirit.