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Memorial for Lukas Glenn

A funeral will be at noon Sept. 30 in the Tigard High School auditorium for the teen who was gunned down last week in an encounter with police.
Posted by The Oregonian newsroom September 22, 2006 06:40:
Memorial to be held next week for Tigard teen fatally shot by police

A funeral will be at noon Sept. 30 in the Tigard High School auditorium for the teen who was fatally shot last week in an encounter with police.

Lukas David Glenn, 18, died Sept. 16.

Glenn's friends have created an online memorial to the Tigard High School graduate. The site incorrectly reports that the memorial will be held Friday. The site includes many eulogies and a video clip of Glenn. (Warning: Profane language is on the site and in the lyrics of the song that plays when you enter the site.)

The online memorial is here:

That is, if you can handle the (EEEK!!) "profane" language. Yes indeedy, protect our children's sensitive ears from profanity, but not their lives from trigger-happy cops. At least they got their priorities straight.

rip 22.Sep.2006 22:54


Lukus David Glenn

April 22nd, 1988 - September 16th, 2006

Lukus David Glenn was shot and killed by Washington County Sheriff's Deputies Friday night / Saturday Morning. We have two close friends that sadly had to witness their best friend malaciously shot to death when other "non-leathal" force could have been used. The police are trying to "Justify" their actions. However since there were two eye witnesses there, we know the truth and now that the media has been covering it and bringing more and more evidence to the public, they are learning the truth as well. The media has now begun to show that the police are more likely to be in the wrong instead of how it started with the "police having no other choice but to shoot because of the extreme threat of an 18-year-old with a 3 inch blade". Basically Luke had gone home and was smart and mature enough not to drive because he had been drinking. He had gotten into an argument with his parents and they called the cops for "help" with calming him down. What the police did, was not "help". How are we supposed to trust Police who are supposed to "protect and serve" when unjustifiable actions are taken such as those with Lukus David Glenn...

Luke was always loved by his friends and he loved his friends even more. The things he would do for people and friends to keep a smile on their face will never be forgotten. Luke dedicated his life to being the uplifting center of attention. Myself and friends have never seen a violent side to him ever, even when we would pick on him excessively just to try and get a physical or intense verbal reaction. You could pound on him for hours and he would sit there and laugh at you with a goofy smirk on his face. Why amazing people get the worst and trashy crimals get off easy, I will never understand. Its too bad our law and government is set up the way it is. Police have too much power and can get away with just about anything. Why? The law allows them to...

Luke during High School at Tigard High, was a favorite to his coaches for Soccer and Football. Another example of how "non-violent" luke was, is that he was the kicker for the football team and had zero tackles ever. The closet he got to hitting someone during a game, was that he pushed an opponent out of bounds once. I've always been under the impression that a high school sports teams are viewed by younger kids as role models and heros to others. Why a sports hero and role model is no longer with us is mind bogling to me. Luke was also planing on going to Portland State University where he was gonna play football for a coach that once coached him at Tigard High. He had plans and dreams of the future, they might have been a lil jumpy at times but he was always thinking ahead. Those dreams were robbed from him.

Lukus David Glenn. You will always be in our memories and I myself along with others will never let what happend to you go. It just not fair and you deserved none of it. You touched soo many lives in your short 18 year childhood. You could have touched soo many more. The people we never met in person through Halo and Warcraft will miss you and have been expressing their feelings to me for you. Its been extremely hard for all of us lately. Saturday there was a gathering of around 40-50 people off and on at Luke's favorite red head's house in memory of him. Its funny, cause Luke was always trying to break and resolve feuds between all of us at one time or another and now that he is gone, it has brought all of us together closer than before. Luke would be so happy if he could see us now.

Luke you will always live on in our memories. We love you Kid!!!

Thanks 23.Sep.2006 00:32


To "Anon" -

Thanks for posting here and telling us something about your friend Lukas. You have a lot of support here on Indy and I don't think I'm speaking out of turn when I say that you can count many of us here among the "others who will never let what happend to [Lukas] go."

I'm very glad you chose to share this with us here. I'm so very sorry for your loss.

Anon......? 27.Sep.2006 13:18

JadiaEagle myspace: release the beast

Um, I know who wrote that and it wasn't you, you should give credit where credit is due.....

Washington County Issues new badge # 007 12.Oct.2006 22:47


I saw this on Craigslist and it was on target. Looks like the DA in Washington County has given James Bond like powers to the cops in Washington County. In the wake of the Luke Glenn murder they are now being issues a license to kill. The new badge numbers should be 007. If they had to wear them you would at least get a little warning of what they are about.


Pete from Washington State

Cops are more fucked up and warped than the criminals that they arrest or murder! I have two examples that I have witnessed to back up my statement. 1) The Chief of Police for the Pierce County division in Tacoma, Washington shot his wife dead in front of their two children and then turned the gun on himself as well. This took place in Gig Harbor, Washington at a Hollywood video parking lot. I arrived a half hour later to see the aftermath of all the chaos. 2) This one took place in Portland, Oregon when I was visiting my friend. We were driving along Burnside, near a small dive bar and looking to my right I had noticed an officer standing outside with another man. As we drove by I had flipped the officer off because of my anger for jock headed police and carried on our way not thinking much of the situation. Then as we had taken a couple of turns to go to my buddies house, a cop car pulled behind us and turned on his lights. At the time I did not think it was the same cop, but as he approached the driver side window where my buddy was sitting, he looked straight at me and screamed from the top of his lungs saying that he had about 500 dollars worth of tickets that he could give me and that he should just hall me off to jail for the night. At this time you could see this fat fucking jock cop's face turn read and his eyes buldging out of his face like a cartoon. He told me that he had left a stab victim to come and tell me all off this all just because I had flipped him off! Cops this irate should never have a right to even be a cop. Most cops are fucking hot head power hungry ass hole jocks that love the rush of adrenaline pumping through them that they get lost in the moment and will do anything crazy and then are able to get away with it. Because if it was anybody else that shot your friend Lukas David Glenn dead, they would have went to jail for a long time, but not the cops that did it, they are actually going to get away with it while still keeping their jobs and guns. In Europe now, they have shoot to kill policy which gives the law enforcement the right to shoot without asking questions and are able to get away with it, and now it is happening in Amerikkka. The only good cop is a dead one.

Take time to read the EVIDENCE 16.Apr.2007 13:16


Take time to read the facts!!! Lukas got what he deserved!!! Sad as that my be it is the TRUTH!!! Read the findings at  http://www.co.washington.or.us/sheriff/admin/docs/glenn/admrev407.pdf. Lukas was a danger to himself and his family and the police did what they needed to protect innocent lives. I am sick and tired of people blameing the police for all the problems people bring on themselves, it is time that people respect the fact that if you do not listen you PROBABLY will get shot. When did the police lose the power? I surely do not want to live in a place that people do not respect the laws and those that enforce them!!!! Yes there is bad cops but let the system weed them out, when did our society lose respect for those that lay their lives down for us, SAD!!!