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Portland Carfree Days begins today!

Friday afternoon through Sunday afternoon: street party on SW Ankeny bet. 2nd and 3rd celebrating streets without cars.

Friday, September 22nd through Sunday, September 24th
Where: SW Ankeny between 2nd and 3rd Avenues


10am - 3pm Get Lit Benefit Lunch cart
Eat ravioli and support Portland's own Free Bike Lights program

4:30pm - 7:30pm Mocktails in the Street
Spend happy hour in the street, imbibing fizzy drinks, snacking on hors d'oeuvres, and chatting with your fellow Portlanders. You can also get bike and walking maps, find out more about fun rides, bike moves, and other unique Portland bikey phenomena. We'll have bike experts of all stripes to answer your questions, and you can even learn to put your bike on a TriMet bus rack. Brought to you by the folks behind Breakfast on the Bridges.

6:00pm Donut eating contest

8pm -10pm Dance Party

10pm Outdoor movie


11am - 4pm Free bike tune-ups by Community Exchange Bike School

11am - 4pm Decorate your bicycle! Especially for kids, but adult-friendly

10am - 3pm Get Lit Benefit Lunch cart
Eat ravioli and support Portland's own Free Bike Lights program

1:30pm: Bike Tour of Small Museums in Portland.
Bring $8 for admission to some of Portland's smaller eclectic collections. Led by Carye Bye of Red Bat Press (redbatpress.com)

5-10pm: Funky live music for dancing:
Eclectic Bastards
Underscore Orkestra
Johnny Punchclock

and headlining

The 20 Foot Man: a 20-foot tall marionette who dances, sings, paints, writes poetry, and breaks hearts.

10pm Outdoor Movie


10am Public Radio in Public Space
Relax and listen to This American Life in the street. Bring your own radio or listen in on one of ours.

10am - 3pm Get Lit Benefit Lunch cart
Eat ravioli and support Portland's own Free Bike Lights program

1pm-4pm T-bike
Lounge on pillows, drink tea for free, and meet new folks under the canopy of the City Repair Project's famous tea-service bicycle.

All day, TBA: Outdoor movies with carfree themes.
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Bike advocates challenge officials to donut eating contest at Car-Free Day
Filed under: schedule VJ @ 8:45 am

Volunteers promoting bicycling for transportation, health, and fun have challenged city officials and others to the First Annual BonB Donut Eating Invitational. The contest takes place 6:00 pm Friday, Sep. 22 at the Car-Free Celebration SW Ankeny St. between 2 nd and 3rd
Avenues. This block of Ankeny will be closed to motorized traffic from Friday evening through Sunday.

"BonB" is an abbreviation for Breakfast on the Bridges, a monthly event hosted by Shift, a local bike culture organization. Volunteers serve coffee and pastries to cyclists crossing the Hawthorne and Broadway Bridges on the last Friday of the month. The event is free, thanks to donations from local coffee roasters, bakeries, and others.

Team BonB captain Carl Larson says "In the age of peak oil leaders need to show that there are other sources of energy for the new millenium. We believe donuts are a prime example."

According to event organizer Elly Blue, Car-Free Day is not just about bikes. "We want to show Portlanders how liveable the street can be when you have room to walk, gather, and relax. And when friends get together, donuts just always seem to be the natural snack."

"Personally, I'm gunning for Roger Geller," says Team BonB member Timo Landia. "He's been bragging on the bridges for years about how many crullers he can eat. Well buddy, here's the chance to put your buttermilk bar where your mouth is!"

homepage: homepage: http://portlandcarfreeday.org/