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Lukus Glenn shot in the back?

What does that soy, especially when his mom was calling for him and never was scared of him, she was on the phone with 911 begging that her son not be hurt and that he never once was trying to hurt anyone but himself. It is recorded on the 911 call. It is all there. How is that for a tip?
Any person who shoot/stabs someone in the back is a COWARD, and that has stood for centuries. COWARD. Now this family is destroyed.
911 22.Sep.2006 11:11


The 911 call that's recorded has his mother on the phone when Lukus was shot and killed, the mothers pleas and statements about him being harmless to others are recorded plus the shooting of Lukus.

And Kulongoski Does Nothing 22.Sep.2006 18:59

Den Mark, Vancouver

Years of police misconduct, up to & including murder, & kulongoski says & does NOTHING. Now there's Lukus Glenn & the latest killing by Popo, a man named chasse or classe or something like that. The state should investigate & maybe even take over running one or more police agencies, but kulongoski has other things on his mind, justice not among them. He makes me sick. I know he's not my gov, but he makes me sick anyway.

What is Not being Said 27.Sep.2006 13:39

Brinn brinn_h@yahoo.com

I published a letter to the editor of the Oregonian recently about Lukus. What surprised me was what was edited out of it. In my letter I had written some questions - such as,
why did cops SHOUT at a drunk, confused boy and not calmly talk to him? And although the by-the-book stated that anyone with a knife within 25 feet of the police is an "iminent threat" did that still apply when Lukus had "turned to go inside the house". It sounded to me like he was too drunk to charge the cops backwards or throw a knife, either.

I had seen what cops can do when trained - in the case I cited I was within feet of a domestic - an irrate woman with an 8 inch butcher knife stood within inches of police who disarmed her without touching tasers or any weapons.

We have the technology to drop a bear or an elephant in a big hurry. With non-lethal darts, we could stop criminals and suspects and drunken children and mentally ill. Who will be next - an angry man in a wheelchair (he could run someone over!) A child with Tourettes (they swear and gesture, you know). When do we assign value to people so the police are not judge and jury and executioner. When do we train the police to talk, to communicate?

Or is something else going on? A senior citizen suggested to me that he believes this is very deliberate. He believes there is a new move in the police forces - to make us afraid, too afraid to question, too afraid to call them for help. It is sad to think about, and worse - sad to have to even contemplate. But this senior had exeprienced it firsthand - the nervous, armed young men who admit they are trained to shoot the body mass. When did people become "body masses"? and what on earth has happened to our justice system? I feel for police who too often face danger in even the most innane situations. But I believe a lot of those situations are more dangerous now because of how people view police too. It has become a vicious cycle.

Portland, OR

Murdering Bastards 19.Oct.2006 13:05


I am absolutely astounded that ANY police oversight group could say that killing this 18 year old boy was justified in any way, shape, or form.
He was drunk and confused. They had already gotten the knife away from him after shooting him with beanbags long enough and hard enough to break his ribs. What kind of threat can a boy be with broken ribs? Was he attacking the police? Nope, he was trying to get away from the murdering bastards.
What kind of cowards could think he was a threat? What could ever compel them to shoot him in the back 8 times? These are the acts of cowardly animals, not a human beings.
The police who shot the boy weren't much older than he was, were they beginner police? Then why did they have guns? Were they fully acredited police officers? I would hope not because that bodes ill for all of us if they ever manage to outlaw us citizens from having guns.
The police have gotten completely out of control. They murder somebody and the group that judges whether they broke any rules is the police. Why would they say one of their own did something wrong?
If I thought there was an honest cop anywhere I'd recommend the decision of whether the officers had the right to use lethal force be decided in that jurisdiction. Unfortunately, I have lost all faith in law enforcement at any level... city, county, state, or federal.
I am disgusted by the direction the group who is supposed to be looking out for our best interests is headed. I am under considerably more threat from the police who are supposed to be protecting me than I have ever been from any terrorist anywhere, anytime.
Something needs to change, even vigilanties would be preferable to the constant threat of being murdered that we are all now suffering under.

911 Operator's Question 20.Oct.2006 09:11


Something that I have not seen anywhere is a question the 911 operator asked Luke's monther - "Is he white, black or hispanic?" Would the police have handled this differently had he not been white? Can someone explain this to me?