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Vancouver Peace Camp

Over 70 people came out to the visibility camp at a busy intersection in support of the Declaration for Peace.
The Vancouver Peace Camp was a #1 hit today! Those signing the notebook in totaled 70 people. State Rep. Jim Moeller, Rep. Craig Pridemore and Pat Campbell (Dem primary winner) came by and signed for visibility with us. The rain held off, but we had to deal with moderate wind gusts so we secured things down with string, tape, and sign prongs. Edie and Gary brought the coffin, placed under a canopy. It had an American flag on it, and flowers in vases adorned its base. Den and Genny read Iraq and American war death names and the CD player blasted out songs, such as a favorite, "Last night I had the strangest dream....we put an end to war." Some of us waved and danced to the tunes.

We had water, pizza, and cookies. It was a communal effort, everyone brought what they could. (I'm sorry I didn't get coffee planned.) The Raging Grannies, the great women's anti war group, entertained.

We walked to Baird, Murray and Cantwell offices and delivered postcards and letters in support of the Declaration of Peace. Kelly Love of Baird's office, gave us a 6-page copy of Baird's response. (I have not read it yet.)

The day exceeded my wildest hopes for peace. I am sooo proud Vancouver did its part as one of hundreds of actions around the country today. I'm flying high, but my feet (with arthritis) are not.

Happy peace day, everyone! genny k.
Excellent Action 22.Sep.2006 07:57

Den Mark, Vancouver

This was an excellent, spirited action. We were "camped out" for eight hours & reached thousands & thousands of people who saw our very strong presence on the intersection. We had three canopies & many many signs & banners & flags & tables. The day's action was festive yet resolute. And, as usual with such events, we re-energized ourselves for the long hard work that remains in months to come.

(Craig Pridemore is a state SENATOR. I was happy that he & state representative Jim Moeller stood with us & held signs with us, & we were visted by staff from our federal congressional offices. This action could not have been better.)

My goof 22.Sep.2006 08:21


Yes. Pridemore is a senator. I ought to know better.

Will add the only "violence" that happened was that a wind gust tossed John H.'s sign on to his forehead, causing a 1" minor gash above his eyebrow. His glasses might have protected his eye.

Kit S. also played his guitar.