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Does Bush consider Chavez a gift?

Has Hugo gone too far to fast?
Democrat leaders are pissing themselves trying to gain distance from Chavez's comments. Nancy Pelosi called Chavez "A Thug" today. Congressman Charles Rangel told him publicly to shut up.

Its not really a question of if Chavez is right, or should have said what he said, it's a question of how bad his remarks have backfired. My neighbor who is a retired blue collar democrat and has never voted republican and never had a kind word for Bush told me today that he thought Chavez has united Republicans with his comments. He said even he is considering never buying CITCO gas again, and heard various radio shows talking about a boycott. He will still vote democrat as always, but he feels the momentum was lost this week.

Being in his seventies he has an old fashion way of looking at things, and he said that he found Chavez to be clownish and rude without any decency or manners.

Personally I just worried that Chavez'z comments may have cost the democrats the house and senate this fall.

Bush may end up sending Chavez a dozen red roses the Wendnesday after the election.
beyond stupid 22.Sep.2006 10:52



no, jackass, you will hand the election to bush with your defeatist, fatalistic attitudes.

and moreover, from rangel and pelosi's comments we can see the futility of supporting the republocrats.

don't get me wrong, i'm no chavista...i look at him as with all things, with a critical eye.

and here is what i see.

chavez is supplying cheap gas to brooklyn, maine and now alaska.

he's at war. he and his country are locked in a progagandistic, economic war before the first shot is every fired. the sovereignity of every nation in the world is at stake after the US preemptive invasion of poland, i mean iraq. he's not being fooled by the fact that the u.s. is bogged down in iraq,

he knows that he and others are next...that alliances have to be made, that he is standing up to the shrub when so many others allow CIA to use them as staging grounds for the new gulags.

don't be fooled, you will be asked to take sides, but not because hugo is going too fast...but because you are living in a neo-fascist state that is on the verge of solidifying itself as a formal national security state.

don't think that the demoplicans won't sell you down the river, your house, your land, your "civil liberties".

don't be fooled when the swat team is at your door.

when they came for your neighbor, the union at work, the poc/immigrants down the block, what did you do? when the war on drugs, war on the poor, gutting of welfare, reaganomics were being force fed down the throats of single mothers...where were you? these were all testing grounds to see how dead the 'white working class' in amerika is...to see if anyone would attempt to shut things down.

and now we have the harvest of this inaction...

oh, boo hoo, your old white friend won't buy CITGO because a south amerikan has called your president the devil,

well i hope he likes the smell of sulphur
the fumes from your charred and tattered constitution

how can you possibly whine about someone finally standing up to tyranny

you should be ashamed to claim any part of the declaration of independence

deleware river revisited 22.Sep.2006 14:54

hard knocks

o.k, maybe you just don't get it...

the republocrats, the demopublicans, monstanto has made them one in a freak flash of pure genius.

nancy pelosi, charlie rangel, they're all pissed, hurt that the commander in theif has been outed as a fallen angel, a beelzebub of sorts, a sulphuric syncophant,

yes, and your old man friend who will vote republican now...

let's talk geopolitics...

the u.s. is invading countries premptively, mainly for oil resources on a diminishing oil future,

and guess what,

venezuela has oil, yes it has more than Saudi Arabia...check that out dude!!!!

and guess what chavez is offering cheap oil to the bronx, maine and now offering to subsidize parts of alaska,

a public relations stunt? or perhaps a move in the grand chess game where the u.s. will invade venezuela eventually if dubyou can get around to his check list of things he forgot to do today...

my friend,

finally someone is mouthing off to mr muthabushka, and i'm not kidding, mouthing off, and getting away with it, and guess what, the people, yes, the people of the world love it, just plain love it.

and guess what,

you are going to have to pick a side my friend,

yes you,

soon, so soon,

your time is running out before the friendly fascism turns around and takes every little scrap away from you and your friends that just happened to fall from the table to your feet. Your civil liberties, your constitution, your freedoms all at jeopardy, not from mr chavez, or mr bin laden for that matter, but from mr bush and mr cheney....

and yes you will have to decide

which side of tyranny you are on
i hope you choose well.

it's not chavez' job to campaign for the democrats 23.Sep.2006 14:58

democrats will try to overthrow him just like republicans do

> Its not really a question of if Chavez is right, or should have said what he said,

When IS it about whether he's right? When IS it about saying what should be said?

> heard various radio shows talking about a boycott

Guess what: They're boycotting us. They're boycotting you. Is Portland Indymedia hurting the Democrats too?

> Chavez'z comments may have cost the democrats the house and senate this fall.

After six years of this crap the burden is on the Democrats to show anybody that they're serious or relevant. If some guy from Venezuela who doesn't even speak English, who's trivially easy to present to the American public as a military dictator, can mess up the election for Democratic politicians, then Democratic politicians are incompetent. What's going to cost the Democrats the House and Senate this fall is their pathetic reenactment of business-as-usual from twenty or thirty years ago while in the mean time the election machinery has been coopted by the other side.

VIDEO of Chavezīspeech at the UN 25.Sep.2006 05:18