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They are getting bolder and bolder - putting it right in our faces. The US Air Force building in Coronado near San Diego is unmistakably a Nazi Swastika.




Just so that there's doubt in anyone's minds about what we're ALL up against, check out this curiously shaped US military building - on Coronado Military Base, near San Diego - used by the Air Force.

It's coordinates are: 32 deg. 40' 34.45" North 117 deg. 09' 19.02' West

When a building is designed, the two forms of diagrams involved in all construction projects are known as ELEVATIONS (side view) and PLANS (top view). All parties involved in the design and approval process devote intimate attention to both of these schematics during the many lengthy design, approval and construction phases.

This building is quite obviously a Nazi Swastika, in homage to Adolph Hitler and all that his Nazism represented. No architect, designer, builder or engineer could ever claim that they were "unaware" of this widely known symbol. Nor would it be credible for them to claim that it was a nod to the symbol's earlier indo-european roots.

It is a symbol which carries powerful implications and is deeply offensive to hundreds of millions of people throughout the world, any fifth grade child knows what a swastika is and what and who it represents.

No doubt, all parties involved in the commission, design, approval and construction phases of this US military structure, this "message," knew full well what they were looking at and the symbolic associations of the structure they were about to build. And since this is an Air Force structure and it's symbolism can only be perceived via an arial observation, it does indeed give credibility to the analysis that this structure and it's symbolic overtones could only have been intentionally designed from the start.

No way, no how, did a design like this, "accidently" slip through unnoticed. It must have been planned from the start to be yet another one of the many "in our face" messages - symbols - hidden in plain sight, calculatedly put there by the few billionaire Illuminati who control this US military, America, and all phases of the US government - and who essentially control western civilization - and have done so in an unbroken lineage for over a millennium

The Illuminati get their rocks off on hiding their symbols in plain sight - they've done so for thousands of years - the pyramid on the dollar bill, the obelisk at the site of the Kennedy killing, the many pentagrams hidden in the design of Washington DC, the new glass pyramid in the courtyard of the Louvre (constructed out of 666 panes of gold plated glass), the Statue of Liberty (in actuality the ancient Babylonian deity, and secret masonic symbol - Queen Sumerimus - we are told that the Statue of Liberty means freedom, but deep in our ancient mind at the subconscious level, it means obedience) all of these messages are there to proclaim that they, this illuminati are present everywhere, yet invisible to the unknowing eye.

This secret control and manipulation of these powerful ancient symbols is one of the great strengths of the illuminati - they understand how these symbols work on a subconscious level - this is the secret knowledge that they keep at the core of their systems of human control - at the apex of THEIR knowledge - it's about one thing - human control.

These ancient and deeply significant symbols and their attendant meanings, exists only in the realm of those few who have become privy to this knowledge - those who have sought this knowledge out. These details about the true nature of our world do and can only exist on the Internet and never in an "official" publication, venue or broadcast. And so these ancient symbols which for over a millennium have commanded such power - go unnoticed - or more exactly they are noticed but not comprehended. The fleur de lis, the dragon, the upstanding lion, the pyramid, the obelisk, the all seeing eye, and many other of these ancient symbol's profound subliminal subconscious meaning is only understood by those few illuminati who deploy these symbols throughout our society and to those few who have uncovered their true essence. To the rest, they are merely powerful control mechanisms.

We need to expose each and every one of these symbols and control methodologies, hidden in plain sight, that are right up in our faces. We need to understand that they actually do have a profound subconscious effect on us all. Right now, most us us do not have a clue what their overt meaning is, but on a deep subliminal level, their impact is real. When a hundred generations of human beings live under a group of symbols, and are impacted by their meaning, it becomes etched in our collective consciousness - our instinct - so even if a new generation comes along and the meaning of one of these given symbols is kept from that generation, they will, if suddenly exposed to that symbol, be subconsciously affected by it.

This is what is currently happening with all of the Illuminati's ancient secret symbols. With the advent of the Internet, researchers who were previously prevented from disseminating this information to the masses (because the presses on such a mass scale were always owned by the enfranchised or worse, the illuminati themselves) were finally able to publish these important operational methodologies of this hidden Illuminati. And so this esoteric knowledge of the workings and symbols of these controllers, these puppetmasters, this Illuminati, became published for the first time in a form that replicated like a virus. The genie was out of the bottle and could not be put back in. The Illuminati, seeing that their symbols and methodologies were no longer only in the realm of the secret, no longer within the strict purveyance of the elite few, decided that in order to defray the potential loss of power that would occur by having their methodologies and symbols within the public realm that they would obfuscate the TRUE meaning of these symbols and the true real knowledge behind these symbols by proliferating them to the masses as mere fashion objects. And so now when you walk into the Gap or Banana Republic or any five and dime store you will see item after item, tee shirt after tee shirt, cap after cap, bearing the ancient regalia of the illuminati, the two headed eagle being the most popular these days but all the rest are there too, the Maltese cross, the skull and bones, the pyramid with the separated capstone with the eye, etc, etc.

This way when the alarms are sounded about this fascist threat and the aware and awake try to implore the unaware and unawake, "Hey friend, this means this and that means that," they go, "Spare me the looney conspiracy theory, I know what the symbol means, it's a tee shirt that I bought at the gap - silly!"

Unless one seeks this real information out, and takes it seriously, one will forever live their lives under the control of this illuminati and their ancient and deeply rooted symbols and control methodologies. No university can ever have a course on this REAL information, on how our world REALLY works, for if a "professor" ever attempted to impart this knowledge to his students, he would soon find that for some reason unbeknownst to him, his services would no longer be required by the university. And if a "journalist" ever tried to publish this vital information, word would come down to his Sr. Editor that this "crackpot conspiracy theorist looney" better start looking for another job. So don't even dream that you'll ever find this precious data on the television "news" - that will never happen.

All these symbols are MESSAGES... FROM THE ILLUMINATI - TO THE ILLUMINATI, silently screaming, "We are in your face, in your pocket, right in front of you, right next to you, and you can't even see us."

So what does this all mean?

Well it can only mean only one thing - That the Illuminati are getting bolder and bolder. The swastika building is a clear sign of this. Each day as the swarming multitudes of the ignorant or apathetic do nothing to wake up to this ominous, omnivorous, invisible hand which increasingly looms over all phases of what was once a free and prosperous people and nation, this Illuminati is getting stronger and stronger - they are getting more and more confident. They are right up in our faces and laughing at us as they steal our world away from us, and we are too blind to see - or worse - we are worshiping them - by watching their television shows, by reading their newspapers, by obeying their laws, by not circling the White House and disinfecting the filth inside it.

Blind with ignorance, blind with apathy, or blinded because we are hanging on to dear life, just to eek out another day of survival - we are losing - and these few, so very few... of THEM... are winning.

So what can be done about all of this?

Young people MUST wake up to the reality of this dark treacherous Illuminati and the future that they have in store for us (poverty, police state control, death), abandon this "comfortable apathy," educate each other, destroy the existing televisual media, rise up, identify these few illuminati puppet masters, surround them - and kill them. This is the only solution. And while education, information and awakening play the greater role of this necessary revolution and protection of our freedom, as in most revolutions, guns, weapons, explosives, missiles and the peoples second amendment constitutional right to form a people's military, I believe will also be a necessary component in our perpetual struggle to remain free, (or as in our current state, to RECLAIM the freedoms that this emergent fascism has already seized from us.) Otherwise we will soon find that many millions of us will be summarily killed when this emergent fascism becomes desperate and becomes more overt fascism (as they surely will) and begins their second "final solution." (80% population elimination)

There's a good reason why the founding fathers of this experiment in freedom had the genius to make our right to bear arms and to form citizen militias the very second amendment to the precious constitution. They knew from experience and from each and every lesson of the previous two thousand years of human endeavor that in every nation, in every society, usurpers come along and try to take it all away. And they knew that sometimes the only way to stop the haters of freedom is to B L O W T H E I R F U C K I N G B R A I N S O U T. It's time to re-examine ALL our options, look at history, look at our current situation and be real Americans.

Many researchers such as myself, Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley and a few others are sounding the alarms of this re-emergent nearly classic, Neo-Fascism. The response from the illuminati controlled media is a quick re-trumpeting of the same brainwashing to the unsuspecting uneducated unwitting masses, of their mantra, "Nothing to see here, move along, pay no attention to those, "LOONEY CONSPIRACY THEORISTS."

This is no conspiracy - this is your reality.

And so it is time for those few among us who might possess the power of thought, to think this data through, look at these facts that are all published on the Internet, read the arguments, listen to what the conspiracy theorists are saying, for these conspiracies are not theories - they are the facts of our world - your world.

It's time to face the facts - it's time to face the FASCISM.

If not - you're dead.

Know your enemy Turn off the TV Get off your knees Organize Identify them, find them and kill them

God Speed


address: address: http://www.voxfux.com

on google earth 21.Sep.2006 14:43


I looked at this and was very skeptical. It is on Google Earth.... Scary

Vox is back? 21.Sep.2006 15:31

The Mad Hatter

Well written article vox. I remember your work from years ago. I certainly hope you will be gracing us with more of your writing. You writing was actually instrumental in my awakening back around the time of 911.

Much thanks and respect.
The Mad Hatter

Some more info 22.Sep.2006 00:27


Here's what the Air Force is saying about the building(s), which date back to the late 1960's:

It was surprising to see that no one thought to do what seemed to me to be the logical thing to do though. Ask someone who knows. Which is what I did.

On August 15 I e-mailed Steve Fiebing, Public Affairs Officer for Naval Base Coronado inquiring about the history of the buildings. Within a few short hours I received a courteous and informative reply from Mr. Fiebing via GM2 Sean Conneely. The answer as to how the U.S. Navy had come to have a Nazi swastika on one of its' bases was quite simple and humorously stereotypical for a government organization SNAFU!

What from the air looks like 4 L-shaped buildings arranged to look like a Nazi swastika is in fact 6 buildings. The 4 L-shaped buildings and two central buildings (seen in the 3D rendering here by NG member greyleonard) were constructed between 1969 and 1970, but the Navy never planned for the complex to look as it does. In the reply to my e-mail inquiry, Mr. Fiebing explains what happened:

The original plans submitted to the Navy for the project included the two central buildings which were intended to contain a boiler plant and a recreation room; and a single "L"-shaped 3-story barracks. The plan called for the "L" shaped building to be repeated three times and placed at 90-degree angles to the central buildings. It wasn't until after the groundbreaking began that Navy officials realized how the buildings would appear when seen from above.

This article can be found here:  http://www.neuralgourmet.com/2006/08/27/revisiting_the_swastika_in_san_diego

And here's a pic of a swastika-shaped fountain in Belgium that will now be torn down:  http://www.theregister.co.uk/2006/07/28/google_earth_swastika

Two 'S' buildings and two unidentified symbols exist as well... 22.Sep.2006 08:11

fuck the neo-SS

If you scan the area of the north central part of the island on Google maps, you'll find two side-by-side 'S' shaped buildings which, together, constitute S.S., for Hitler's infamous Secret Service.

Furthermore, there are two unidentified symbols that accompany the Swastika: two side-by-side buildings that appear to represent airplanes inside of parantheses. Can anyone identify them as Nazi or Occult symbols?

The military's "explanation" is a LIE 22.Sep.2006 14:23


Not only on it's surface does the military's "explanation" have ZERO credibility, but read it carefully again and ask yourself just what the fuck kind of dumb explanation they mean when they say in one sentence, "The original plans submitted to the Navy for the project included the two central buildings which were intended to contain a boiler plant and a recreation room; and a SINGLE "L"-SHAPED 3-STORY BARRACKS." Then in the very next sentence they say, "The plan called for the "L" shaped building TO BE REPEATED THREE MORE TIMES AND PLACED AT 90-DEGREE ANGLES to the central buildings???" esentially saying that the ORIGINAL PLANS CALLED FOR A NAZI SWASTIKA, HELLO???? HOLY SHIT!!!! They can't even provide a well thought out LIE. Secondly that SWASTIKA viewed from a due north perspective is rotated EXACTLY 45 degrees to what the indo european version of that swastika is usually presented as - this 45 degree rotation is uniquely ADOLPH HITLER'S way of presenting the swastika. Absolutely positively this sign was a swastika from top to bottom, from start to finish, from beginning to end. vox

More Illuminati symbols 22.Sep.2006 15:43

reincarnated Mason

Bush giving the middle finger all the time? No, that's not a simple "Fuck you." It means something. (I'm not sure what, but trust me, it does.) The Twin Towers themselves represent 11 (I believe the moon spends 11 days either waxing or waning), also the duality/polarity of the world. Think of the Tower in the Tarot cards. Also the story of Samson who brought down the pillars.

Actually the swastika is a very ancient symbol that has been revered for thousands of years. It's evident in Buddhist and Hindu culture, even Hopi Indian culture. Some things that are very powerful are actually at their nature very good, but they have been twisted towards nefarious ends.

Nice stuff Vox 22.Sep.2006 16:32


Your writing always blows my mind, dude.
Question. Why do you always just disappear all the time, for months and years at a time?
What's with your website? It hasn't been updated in two years.
The revolution needs you my brother. Stay safe and write, write, write. Don't dissapear on us again.

CoroNazi Naval Base 22.Sep.2006 21:58

occult anyone?

What do these other symbols represent? Check it out:
 link to maps.google.com

Here's a view of the S.S. buildings:
 link to maps.google.com

deliberate Design {Period}, Read on 23.Sep.2006 20:40


for #1 A draft of Plan's Is created and Approved before Ground breaking is ever reached, So forget they Realized what the Hell it looked after the ground breaking,
for #2 Its modeled In scale on a sheet of plywood in real plan easy too see airiel veiw, using construction paper's clue and Tooth picks' {ECT}!!including minuture size trees and Cars sometimes they even like to Throw stuff up on the roof just too show its Humbult life like reality , Like baseballs and Frizby's .
for #3 Now the reality part is it goes before the senate intel comittee and reviewd and signed too be built by The president, usually they never look at or read what there signing, But The secretary of defence does, and you can bet In the 60s to 70s, it was the work of Hmmm can you say Tricky Dicky? and who was interns in the House aT THAT Time/ guess,
??? ohh come on guess??????
ok Donald rumfeild ,cheney ,Bush Sr, Paul wofy, ashcroft, Negropontee??spellCheck? sorry, I am leaving out most because its easy to see Just about everyone of them is a co signiture of the progect for a new american centry, and Authors of Northwoods, Including NWO, the a project the formed the Phony UN as a stepping stone too get the people soften up on a authority of all nations. Any way Just so you know It was No way a mistake the Nazi symbal is a willed crafted project intended and Well agreed apon by the Master of the Puppet???

more to this picture than seems 18.Jul.2007 12:25


Zoom out a little and you will see two buildings left of the swastika building. They are built by the same architect and are supposed to (and do) look like airplanes or bombers to be specific. To the right of the swastika building is a field that has "crater" type holes in it.

The whole entity is suppossed to represent the bombing and defeat of the nazis. If you have trouble seeing it...

-+ -+ + []

it goes (left to right)

bomber, bomber, swastika, rubble.