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Are we in Hell yet?

Just wondering if we're already on the ride to hell.
I don't consider myself religious, rather a believer in the Infinite. The Zen balance. Harmony of life. You get it.

I am wondering how other "Rational" people are feeling right now. It seems that everyone is either tooting for one side or another, but that it's still business as usual. Nope. No revolution or change agents here... move along... move along.

Dunno. I feel like we are that "Amusement Park" ride that merely consists of waiting for that one, big drop. That we're at the point where the teenage kid pulls the lever for the 127th time that day, right before your netherbits tingle and your stomach is left about two feet above your head. Fast descent into the unknown, and we can thank greed for it.
With the way I understand balance in everything as a necessity for maintaining life, it seems that the "Heaven on Earth" part of our lives is abruptly coming to an and. I'm wondering if this whole Political upheaval, Social crumbling, and Earth on Fire dealy-O might just be God saying "That's it. I've had enough."

I've never been one to talk about end days, but daaaaaaaaaaaaamn. Methinks there is a teenager with a hand on the lever and an arm in slow motion pull.
Hey there is the gates to hell ....wow ! Neocons are lined up by the gate 21.Sep.2006 19:01

Joe (anybody)

I think we are standing at the gates to hell
Our president is the Welcome Wagon

But lately it seemed to me I glimpse a refreshing view of Heaven up around the corner

Of course the road my get F-n bumpy but

I do think the orchestrater's and the providers & decider's of these darker days of this regime will started to run for cover as the gates to hell are pushed SHUT by all the decent humans banding together to create a change of a better peaceful loving world!

Hang on the ride is not fun ....I am puking as a matter of fact......but the carnival is about to be shut down on its many, many, many documented violations!

Read more of my opinion here -->  http://zebra3report.tripod.com/zebra3report/
I was really enjoying reading the headlines just the other day ....ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

only if you live in Michigan 21.Sep.2006 19:50


And just think of the perk.....watching Hell freeze over.

We are in the throes of entropy... 21.Sep.2006 20:57

Pravda or Consequences

2012 or 13 is the beginning of the end.

You name it; pollution, over-population, random asteroids, Nature in upheaval, etc. We live for the moment and will pay for it dearly.