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Demonstrators at World Trade Center

Reports from the street that there are demonstrators at the World Trade Center on sw Second and Salmon. There are speakers and a display called "the rolling rebels." Cops and corporate media. 50 protestors.
update 21.Sep.2006 12:15

portland legal defense network

Report that 10 people are "sitting in" in front of escalators at World Trade center 1.

What's the protest about? 21.Sep.2006 12:23


Title says it all.

update 21.Sep.2006 12:40

portland legal defense network

A report came in that the group is asking Gordon Smith to come downstairs to sign a "peace petition". Folks still blocking escalator. Cops present.

update 21.Sep.2006 12:53

portland legal defense network

10 people siting down.. still blocking escalators, 30 more near by, security from trade center present and the Portland Police.

update 21.Sep.2006 14:02

portland legal defense network

Report that 10 people are being arrested, and put into a Police van. People still protesting in front of World Trade Center.

update - from another post 21.Sep.2006 19:04

Ben Waiting

I read where the 10 have been released from jail
from a differnt post on Portland Indy Media
just an FYI