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More Bad Info = Defense Department Forgetting Veterans

The report is "a stunning indictment of this administration's commitment to our troops," said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash.

I just read the article that is dated 9-21-06 that mentions that our pesky government used prewar data to estimate the cost of caring for veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan, contributing to a $3 billion budget shortfall at the Veterans Affairs Department.
So this administration ONCE AGAIN has faulty data and it will screw over the Veterans.

A few opening paragraphs state:

"The department used "unrealistic assumptions, errors in estimation and insufficient data" to project its budget, the Government Accountability Office said in a report Wednesday.

Investigators also said VA failed to estimate correctly the costs for these war veterans partly because the agency could not get accurate information from the Defense Department.

In addition, the VA agency failed to tell Congress in a timely way that it was struggling to meet its expenses. The problems led officials to make requests for an extra $3 billion last year, according to the GAO.

......That is a nice slap in the face to the pawns that are helplessly being used for this illegal war.
It also mentioned this comment "The plan also would have forced the veterans to dip into Medicaid, private insurance or their own savings to pay for care, the GAO found."

Wow, good job Defense Department make them pay from their own pocket......I have Ben Waiting and really wonder why we tolerate these kind of blunders and why there is no repercussions to hold these mistake makers accountable.
This article I am refer to is from "Military . com"

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