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Justice for Lukus Glenn

Do not make an opinion as the media has, for there is much more than what is being reported. They are trying to say things like "by the book", and even "suicide by police", but I tell you, it was murder by police. I will get this together soon here, but please do not forget this boy!
Murder by police. For among cries from his family and friends to the police were "Don't shoot him! Use a tazor or something! Leave him alone! Lukus baby, come here to me, I won't let anyone hurt you", and Lukus yelling to his father and mother, "They are going to kill me!" It was seconds after the police shot him with beanbags, after crumpling to the ground, that he turned towards his mother and took a step out of fear for his life, Yes, even people in a suicidal mental state still value their life; otherwise, they would kill themselves immediately, when the police shit him in the back.

SHOT him in the back 21.Sep.2006 11:55


I apologize

A Little Help 21.Sep.2006 12:06

Little Helper

Picture Editing.
Lukus Glenn
Lukus Glenn

Thank you so much 21.Sep.2006 14:27


It is so difficult to be your own editor

unecessary loss of life 21.Sep.2006 16:58

outraged parent

It's a dark day that the Glenn family lose their only son. It's a dark day and age for law enforcement. Our community is again abused and traumatized by the loss of another young man Lukus Glenn. My heart goes out to you and your family. My heart felt sympathy. You are a beautiful young man that needed help and not bullets. Whatever you consumed that night must have poisoned your brain and led you to behave out of control but that should not have justified your death. You did not deserve to die my son and my brother. Alcohol is a very toxic substance that we take very lightly. all you needed was some help and your mother thought she is getting you the help you needed.

Is the law enforcement going to get it? Last year after the shooting of Fouad Kaady the badly burned,injured young man Clackamas and Sandy counties promised with lot more training, crises intervention units,police training and all sort of promises for unsual situations but what happened to Lukus does not say anything about learning from others past lessons Lukus would still be alive if the right intervention was dispatched to the family's house. There is a saying that says you can't live long enough to make all the mistakes and learn from them it's wise to start learning from other's mistakes. May it be so for all the law enforcement departments and counties. Lukus was murdered by two inexperienced yound cops that have bad judgment and no patience.

Lucky for them it is not my child 22.Sep.2006 09:03


It the pgs killed one of my girls like Lukus or Fouad, they qould be DEAD, I know that v sounds harsh, but its the truth. I will kill them so quick and not care about any consequences to me.

Memorial? 22.Sep.2006 10:52

N. Ibadino

Hey, does anyone have any details of the memorial service? I heard somewhere it was to be at Tigard High on the 30th? Is the public invited? We need family or close friends to come on here and tell us what we can do, as I for one do not wish to interfere in their grief, if it is not desired, but I do wish to support them in any way that I can.

to anonymous 22.Sep.2006 11:06


Hold your peace, for an eye for an eye in much easier than turning the other cheek, and only by peace will justice be found for Lukus. This does not at all mean accountability or repentance by the police officers.

My sympathy to Lukus' family 22.Sep.2006 21:22


My heart goes out to Lukus' family. It's such a shame that his life was cut short by such a tragic event. There is no excuse for the actions those officers took that night. They obviously have no business being in law enforcement. The boy was intoxicated and needed guidance, not bullets. Lukus had his entire life ahead of him and they ended that in an instant. I'm sure the sheriff's department will report that the officers "took the correct actions" but that is BULL! There were THREE of them and one 18 year old boy! There were plenty of other options for those officers to take. My deepest sympathy goes out to his parents. I couldn't even fathom losing a child that way. I hope those officers can sleep at night now knowing that they senselessly took away a young life. They will have to live with that their entire lives and I hope it haunts them!

My prayers go to Lukus and his family 23.Sep.2006 09:37


My prayers go to Lukus and his family. It's a sad day when fear of a teenage boy armed with a knife overcomes two trained police officers to the point of using deadly force with a firearm. The police are trained to Kill a subject not wound them; I'm completely baffled why they just didn't shoot him in the knee or leg if they felt like they had to use deadly force on a subject armed with a knife.

They should remember they're training from the military, if they had any, in hand-to-hand combat in disarming a combatant with a knife. Hell my teenage son has learned how to disarm an assailant with a knife from his Kajukembo instructor (a fourth degree black-belt in which there are ten degrees).

So-so sad when fear overcomes a man and his rational thinking. I hope that the officer's remorse leads them in a new direction and definitely to a new and different occupation, something other than law-enforcement. We don't need people like that to serve and protect us.

Please no more unneeded deaths,

When will it end? The Answer 23.Sep.2006 11:05


Many ask the same question:

When will the beatings and murders by police end?

I say it will not end until a politician's son or daughter,
or a prominent wealthy local businessman's daughter or son
is murdered or badly beaten by the police. THAT'S WHEN!

You may recall Oregon having been the first state to decriminalize
posession of small amounts of weed.
The legislators did that because THEIR OWN CHILDREN were being
charged back then with felonies for posession, NOT because they were
honest, common sense, good legislators....

May the victims rest in peace.
May the perpetrators carry the guilt with them forever.

Memorial and more info 25.Sep.2006 17:10

JadiaEagle Myspace name: Release The Beast

The memorial is SAturday, sep 30th at TIgard high school in the auditorium. ANy and all info is being posted by Luke's close friends at  http://groups.myspace.com/riplukedavidglenn it's being moderated by a very close friend of Luke's and many us are adding stuff as we can.

Hope, I don't understant 06.Oct.2006 00:03


To the Glenn family, My heart goes out to you. As a parent I grieve with you. We can only hope that the police will be trained to negotiate with people rather than to draw their "big guns" to shoot them down, or beat them to death in the streets. I am so angry with the police for what they did to your young son. We should all worry; it could be our sons, or grandsons out their with a problem that can't seem to be managed by police without guns or fists. There is something wrong with this picture. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am so sorry for your loss. Another Mom, Marilyn

Willing to help in police inquest 07.Oct.2006 16:20

Anna Merk demerk1@yahoo.com

I am sorry for the family of Lukus Glenn. My son is just turning 18 this month. I don't know how I would feel in this kind of situtation. Believe me it has been eating at me since this whole thing. Alike lot of people I am out radged in the Police that has given the right to Murder people and get away with it.

I want to find out if and anything that I can do to help the family in get the police inquest. i can make calls, send letters, please I want to help what ever I can do. The police are no better than any criminals; it just isn't right. To get a way with killing an innocent young man. I have included my email and hope that I can be contacted to do what ever I can to help this family. I will respond.

I am so sorry 13.Oct.2006 08:53

Robin rsmithclo@hotmail.com

My heart goes out to the Glenn family. Your son will not ever be forgotten. On another note I don't think I will ever call the police if I ever have a situation like the Glenn's Family. They obviously are not going to help me. Pretty scary these days to call the police. Lots of love and understanding to the Glenn family and friends I wish I could change the outcome for you.

A concerned Tigard citizen and poet 06.Mar.2007 11:58

Shane Carroll Shane_c_oregon@hotmail.com

I wrote a poem about Lukus Glen's murder. Unfortunately there have been many murders committed by police I could have chose to write about. This one just hit closest to home, literally. Living in Tigard I have met many people whose lives were affected, enriched, and saddened by the life and death of this young man. I would like to share my poem w/ any friends or family of Lukus Glen as well as the families of James Chasse, Fouad Kaddy, Kendra James, or Byron Hammick to name a "few". The poem is titled "Injustice" and it is heart felt and sincere. I too have experienced the police brutality in the region first hand, which is one reason why I'm so passionate about law enforcement reform, and making the real criminals pay. That poem is titled "America?" which can also be found on this site
The police in our society today are given the power to approach a situation and commit greater crimes than the ones that may or may not have been being committed in the first place w/ no real fear of repercussions.
Let me give you a hypothetical yet quite realistic example of which I speak. A lifelong friend and I could be having a heated argument on my own property about him sleeping w/ my girlfriend. Neighbors next door hear the altercation and call the police. When the police arrive they come onto my property to see me and my friend wrestling in the yard at which point they assault and kidnap us both. More than likely charging both of us with crimes and fines, tarnishing our records and embedding us in the legal system which is so hard to free ones self from. My point is the situation I speak of had no need for outside aggression, heightened turmoil, and financial burden that effects more than the people involved. The morning after without police intervention the friends probably would have made up w/ nothing more than possibly some abrasions and small emotional bruising.
With intervention of the police it becomes an ordeal that stretches over weeks and possibly affects the lives and well being of impressionable children if either person has kids.
Is that the system of "Justice" we want? We would be better off with Just-Us. Don't get me wrong I have respect for detectives who investigate murders, rapes, and real crimes. I also believe these men should investigate and prosecute their own with the same dedication and vigilance they do civilian criminals.
Well I'm being a little long winded, so for now I say Goodbye and please get to know your neighbors so you should not feel compelled to call the ignorant and brutal police to the scene.

If you like what you've read, please spread the word and get the message out.