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Happy International Day of Peace

It's the international Day of Peace -  http://www.peaceoneday.org
Here are some suggestions for how to spend the day! Pass it on - Peace, ya'all! Spicey

Peace Day Commitment Suggestions -  http://www.peaceoneday.org/page/suggestions

There are so many things that you can do on the Day, here are some suggestions:

Raise Awareness
Generate commitments for the day in as many countries as you can.
Write to your Prime Minister or President asking the government to proclaim and observe the Day.
Include the Day in your organisation's newsletter.
Give a Peace Award to a local hero.
Create a link from your website to www.peaceoneday.org.
Email everyone on your list & tell them about the Day.
Put up posters drawing people's attention to the Day.
Mark the Day in your calendar for 2006 onwards.
Make a Peace Day banner to display in your window or car.
Contact your local media and offer information about Peace Day for them to broadcast.
Hold your own event on the 21st September.
Hold your own screening of the Peace One Day documentary and let us know about it.
Give a copy of the film, Peace One Day, to people you know who are in a position to show it to others.
Order the education resource pack and utilise it in your school to inspire young people to get involved. If you are a parent, donate a copy of the pack to your child's secondary school.
Have an office Peace party/lunch.
Join or organise a peace parade in your local area.
Form a Peace committee within your educational establishment to organise the Day.
Schedule a special assembly informing people what they can do on the Day.
Create and perform a play on the Day.
Encourage schools to celebrate Peace Day.
Request a school conflict resolution programme.
Organise a workshop about peace on the Day.
Organise a street or block party for the Peace Day.
Plant and label trees in your school grounds on the Day.
Create a 'Peace One Day HQ' at home or at school.
Put on a fashion show to promote peace.
Join in a communal concert from around the world.
Establish a Peace Blog-a-thon.
Organise a peace pub quiz.
Have your wedding on Peace Day.
Organise a workshop of inter-faith/inter-cultural dialogue.
Hold a peace picnic.
Ask your local library to designate a peace corner.
Organise a mock amnesty of toy weapons.
Create a giant earth mandala with organic things.
Paint a peace-themed mural with friends.
Invite other schools to join together with ideas and assemblies.
Create International connections with other schools.
Throw a big peace festival, including art, music and debate.
Auction original Peace Art for donations.
Hold a stall and ask people what peace means to them.
Create a Peace Wall of paper bricks with non-violent messages.
Help two very different social groups find common ground.
Arrange a poetry slam and exhibition for peace.
Make peace with someone you have fallen out with.
Have a peace picnic in your garden or local park.
Swim or cycle for your own peace of mind.
Bring your family and friends together for a meal.
Create a painting or sculpture; write a poem or story about peace.
Plant a peace tree on 21 September.
Tie a white ribbon to your car aerial.
Send peace cards and emails.
Write and perform a song for Peace Day.
Make a special peace cake to share.
Organise some lunch boxes for homeless people.
Walk a special path, speaking of peace along the way, arriving on Peace Day.
Create a video project by interviewing others on peace.
Call into your radio station and request appropriate songs for Peace Day.
Make peace with yourself.
Designate 21 September for prayer and meditation on peace.
Create or visit a peace garden.
Fast for a meal in solidarity with the hungry of the world.
Light a candle for peace.
Spend the day in prayer and being mindful of other people.
Hold a few minutes of silence.
Write a prayer for world peace.
Knit, sew, spin for peace.