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Oct 5--Day of Mass Resistance--World Cant Wait--Portland

Join us for the national day of mass resistance. Hundreds of cities nation wide will be holding this day hostage in order to scream: WE WILL NOT BE SILENT. DRIVE OUT THE BUSH REGIME!!! Oct. 5--PSU/South Park Blocks--Portland, OR
The World Can't Wait: Announcing a Day of Mass Resistance!!!
October 5, 2006: South Park Blocks, Portland, OR

We, the Portland Chapter of the World Cant Wait Organization, are writing to you to inform you of the upcoming day of national mass resistance, which will take place October 5, 2006. Cities nation-wide are currently organizing their citizens to come together on this day in a single voice to demand that the Bush Regime step down from control. On this day, Portlanders will gather at the South Park Blocks, at PSU, around 10am to join in the national call for action by all citizens; to alert the country, and the world, that a large and underrepresented portion of the American public is disgusted, horrified, and fed up with the continuous atrocities committed by the Bush Regime for the past six years. October 5th will be a day to show the world that we are not alone, silent, or complacent, as the Corporate Media would have the public believe. We, the People, are nearing the breaking point in our tolerance for the self-interested actions and decisions of this increasingly fascist regime. Currently, our actions abroad and at home are only breeding more hatred, desperation, and fear, in turn creating an increasingly tense and dangerous situation for us here at home. Our safety, as well as the safety and well-being of the global community, can only be repaired and secured if our current course towards global Corporate dominance is reversed and quelled. We demand that our leaders either make great strides to repair the great damage they have done to other nations and to our own, or otherwise step down and get out.

We, at World Cant Wait, invite you to join us in this national call for freedom and peace. Together, we know that our voices will be heard. Together, we can pool our collective resources and build a strong foundation on which we as a nation can stand and face the destructive monster we call our Presidential Administration. We have only a couple short weeks to gather our strength through our allies. Will you honor us with your presence and support, in any way and form? Will you participate in this historic day of civilian resistance and solidarity? We ask you to make your mark in this community by standing up to its ideals of justice, peace, community, and action. Such are the ideals of the civilians that will gather on this day to demand Democracy and Justice. This movement has been gaining force, and its true strength will be seen on October 5 th if we can all come together as a People. Please, help this day become one that will not ever be forgotten; to create the noise necessary to wake this nation up and never allow our voices to be choked by silence again.

We thank you for your time. If you are interested in joining efforts to organize this event, whether it is spreading the word through your email listserves, publishing our posters and adds in your publications, or donating time, energy, and resources to the success of this event, please contact us at  portland@worldcantwait.org. Our weekly organizing meetings are held on Saturday and Sunday afternoons around 4pm, with a changing location each week.

Many thanks, with peace and solidarity,
Signed, Portland's World Cant Wait (www.worldcantwait.org)
(email us at  www.portland@worldcantwait.org)

homepage: homepage: http://www.worldcantwait.org

still waiting....... 21.Sep.2006 22:04


10am on a Thursday morning? good planning.

EUGENE DEMO IS ON! 22.Sep.2006 12:30


Speakers lined up and a good band with free refreshments will all be part of the EUGENE PROTEST...a good time will be had by all at the federal plaza (where the last one was) at 1200 NOON! COME ONE COME ALL!