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9.11 investigation | corporate dominance

scary movie

link to scariest documentary/commentary i have seen to date. is this all true?
 link to www.propagandamatrix.com
Yes it's true. Wake Up Amerika! 21.Sep.2006 13:03


It's time to take the 'blinders' off and see things as they really are. This is a great documentary. It blows the doors wide open on what's REALLY going on. Stop living in fear and living in denial. Stop buying into the illusion we've all been sold. It's all a BIG LIE. Take the 'red pill' and wake up. The truth will set us all free.

Um... 21.Sep.2006 14:06


For those of us who are leery about clicking on links without knowing what we're getting into, what is this about?

Alex Jones's new documentary 21.Sep.2006 15:13


Alex Jones's new documentary.