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The war against Indians began shortly after the Puritans invaded our country. Outright murder of Indian people was commonplace and sanctified by the Catholic church via its specious papal-sanctioned "Right of Discovery" and "Manifest Destiny" doctrines, all of which are categorized in what we now know as "The Great White Lie." Our warriors were murdered with impunity, our women violently raped and tortured, our children kidnapped and molested sexually, psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The war against Indians began shortly after the Puritans invaded our country. Outright murder of
Indian people was commonplace and sanctified by the Catholic church via its specious papal-
sanctioned "Right of Discovery" and "Manifest Destiny" doctrines, all of which are categorized in
what we now know as "The Great White Lie." Our warriors were murdered with impunity, our
women violently raped and tortured, our children kidnapped and molested sexually,
psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually.
The marauding devil-invaders used weapons of mass destruction on the killing fields to ensure
success of their governmentally-sponsored genocide campaign against complete Indian Nations.
Shot down like rabid jackals where they found us, we would be murdered indiscriminately. Our hair
was viciously ripped from our scalps and our genitalia cut from our bodies, while their bayonets
tore open our stomach cavities as they left us lying in the fields to rot like so much carrion. Many
times we would still be alive as those demonic rituals were being performed.
This evil was sanctioned by the U. S. government in the name of war. Once, when questioned by
the eastern media how the government justified murder of women and children, General Sherman
caustically replied, "Nits make lice!" From that callous sentiment arose amerikkka's rationalization
for an undignified and murderous war against innocent Indian Nations.
Theoretically, the last "Indian war" ended sometime around 1851 with the signing of the Fort
Laramie Treaty. However, the war against Indian people has not ended--it simply has assumed a
less conspicuous, though no less deadly, manifestation and is occurring this very day.
The difference is thus: the killing fields of yesteryear have morphed into state and federal
penitentiaries, and the bullets once fired from government issued Springfield rifles now appear in
the form of a judge's gavel and official "legislation."
After hundreds of years of forced poverty, privation, and oppression across amerikkka's
reservations, many Indian Nations are beginning to realize a modicum of economic parity in this
country. However, with government-sponsored legislation, the U.S. government has clandestinely
orchestrated a state-to-state campaign to enact a stranglehold on the economic windpipe of all
Indian Nations.
California Governor "Arnie" Schwarzenegger has introduced a bill designed to legally extort multi-
millions of dollars from California Indian Nations which operate casinos. Connecticut's Governor
Rowland and his Attorney General Blumenthal are introducing legislation to sabotage the Bureau
of Indian Affairs' (BIA) power to grant formal recognition to Indian Nations in their state. New York
Governor Pataki has been fighting to pass legislation which will allow his state to illegally tax Indian
tobacco and fuel products sold on reservations, a clear violation of existing treaty rights. And
recently, federal prosecutors successfully railroaded a wrongful "conviction" against Arlo Looking
Cloud for the murder of Anna Mae Pictou-Aquash (a murder which was solicited and orchestrated
by federal agents).
Wyoming's illegal land theft from the Dann sisters. Montana's Elouise Cobell's exposure of the
multi-BILLION dollar theft from 500,000-plus Indian people. Leonard Peltier's "conviction" from
falsified governmental testimony. On and on and on. Indian people are under attack from state and
federal governments, and it must cease.
Is judicial litigation our only recourse in amerikkka? How much "justice" does anyone really believe
Indians will receive in the white devil 's courts?
It's time our Nations took this issue to a higher venue, perhaps the World Court. Perhaps to a level
beyond that. Either way, it's extremely difficult to be an Indian person in this country and be forced
to docilely accept the on-going rape, robbery and murder of our people, particularly when one
considers that we possess the equal ability to defend against this evil.
It's time to stop beating around the "dubya Bush" and name a spade for what it is--Indian people
and Indian Nations are at war against a relentless invader who, from all appearances, won't be
satisfied until we're all dead and buried. Our sovereignty--indeed, our very lives--are at stake.
We're being attacked today just as surely, just as decisively, and in just as deadly a manner as we
were when those brave devils snuck up under cover of darkness and massacred entire
populations of our slumbering town-villages.
Why did the united states government sign treaties with Indian Nations?
The ostensible answer is to end mutual aggressions between our respective Nations. However, it's
patently clear the leaders of amerikkka have no intention of actually honoring that objective in light
of their recent political gambits for legislation which can only be construed as flagrant breaches of
the covenant. To employ an apt analogy, amerikkka has become the big white bully on the block.
So, listen up, big white devil bully: Leave us alone. Stop picking on us. Stop imprisoning our Indian
people in your penal colonies at vastly dispropor¬tionate rates in comparison to other ethnic
groups. Stop murdering us.
Stop Your War Against Us!
We possess a Creator-assigned right to defend ourselves from further harm. Your actions are
leaving us little recourse but to honor that right.

Dusty C. Gray
Member, St. Croix Chippewa Nation

homepage: homepage: http://WWW.NOJUSTICEINOREGON.COM

a christian by any other name is still a murderer 21.Sep.2006 13:52

forest dweller

It wasn't just the the catholic christians....it was all the other christian cults.
They also murdered their relations -- meaning the tribes of Eurpe who would not
embrace this nihilistic and fascistic religion....and lets not forget the bloody
violent history they left behind in India, Africa, Asia, Hawaii, Australia, among
other places.
These "civilized" people are like maggots -- covering Turtle Island and eating up
everything in sight.

Oh please. 23.Sep.2006 18:41

Not Christian, but not a biggot either

Why do some people think it's all right to be such biggoted asses where Christianity is concerned? Man, do you now know your history? EVERY fucking religion has been used to oppress and murder other people. It's not the religion, it's human nature. Any time you claim to have a line on divine power, it can be corruptive. Happened with Hinduism, but it would be stupid to condemn all Hindus. Happened with freaking Buddhism, but it would be ignorant to condemn all Buddhists. It's CERTAINLY happening every day with Judaism. But again, it would be assinine to condemn all Jews. And yes, it happened with a lot of Native American cults as well. And same thing -- it would be dumb to condemn all Native Americans.

Yes, a lot of awful things have been done in the name of Christianity, by a lot of ignorant fucking assholes. But to flame out at "all" believers of any religion is just sophomoric and tiresome. If you do not like the crap done in the name of Christianity, look inside yourself for the root of the problem, and change it there. As I said, it's human nature that is the problem, and you carry it too. Change that. Don't scream at other people for their religious beliefs. Some of the most rocking activists I know are Catholic nuns. No one reading this can tell me they've done HALF what the plowshares have done to confront and solve the world's problems, so don't give me that "fuck all Christians" shit.

I think it really sucks that so many people allow this bigotry and prejudice when it comes to Christianity. Most of you are good people who would never, ever tolerate that kind of hate speech against any other religious or ethnic group. Why do you think it's any different, or any less hateful, to direct it against Christians? I do not. Not all Christians are the money-grubbing freaks you see on televangelical shows, not all are the power-mad killers of the Crusades and the wars against Native Americans. Christianity is a side note to those kinds of people --it's a tool they use, but they are not real Christians any more than Bush is. You might not agree with it, but read the fucking Bible before you condemn people. Jesus taught people to accept each other, to provide solidarity and mutual aid to one another, to think for themselves, to love each other, and to ignore stupid and unjust laws. Man, it's not the religion's fault that humans are so flawed that most of them never got all that. It's our fault. Surely we can deal with our own natures without externalizing the problem to other peoples' religions.

TO OH PLEASE 23.Sep.2006 21:23


Wow, your response is written in such an intelligent manner...

It is NOT human nature...you obviously know nothing of psychology nor history- which is evident by the way you make up for your lack of knowledge by using objectionable language...

To Dusty, right on! You are absolutely correct in your writing...look forward to reading more!

GEEZ, DUDE 23.Sep.2006 21:27

Dusty Gray

Good rant...the depth of your knowledge is truly astounding. Your intellectual peers must surely be impressed.

another sheeple heard from 24.Sep.2006 01:41

forest dweller

You can make all the denials you want about christianity, but it is the
cruelest hoax ever perpetrated on the masses...christianity is a religion
of the elite......and it doea not belong on Turtle Island....we, the
Indigenous people do not want this wasicu religion....take it back to
Europe where it belongs.

Oh, and yes -- Bush, Harper, Blair, etc., ARE christians....you can blow all
the smoke you want, make all the excuses you want......but the reality will
not be changed.

A little more about the "ongoing war "against Native North American tribes 24.Sep.2006 09:10

reposting from http://www.indiancountry.com/content.cfm?id=

Niman: Anti-Indian racism in New York's anti-casino movement
© Indian Country Today September 22, 2006. All Rights Reserved
by Michael I. Niman

An ugly courtship between anti-casino and anti-Indian political forces is emerging in western New York. In June, Coalition Against Gaming in New York Chair Joel Rose wrote to his members telling them there's ''good news on Turning Stone'' as he celebrated a N.Y. Court of Appeals decision against Cayuga and Oneida land claims.

Rose was excited, however, because the case could eventually lead to the closing of the Oneidas' Turning Stone Resort and Casino in central New York. If so, and if the Oneidas refuse to comply, it could also lead to some form of armed takeover of Oneida land - what we call war. Anyone cheering such a court victory is cheering the unilateral imposition of U.S. law on a sovereign nation. While it may lead to the closure of a casino, it's like nuking a city to kill one fugitive. The casino will be closed - but only after the Oneidas' identity as a sovereign nation is eradicated. That's nothing that any well-intentioned person should celebrate.

The United States was built on a foundation of racism. Employing words like ''savage'' and ''primitive,'' so called ''modern'' and ''civilized'' cultures unleashed a historically unprecedented holocaust upon the hemisphere. The map of upstate New York was drawn by racist officials who, after the American Revolution, sent the U.S. Army into Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) territory to annihilate Native populations. Cayuga Lake, for example, is circled by historic markers denoting Cayuga villages and orchards burned during the Clinton-Sullivan Campaign of 1779, next to others commemorating the first homes built by ''white'' men in the wake of that campaign. This racism was a land grab - with mass murder as its tool and anti-''savage'' racism as its justification.

While the Haudenosaunee were driven from much of their land, they were never actually defeated, their government was never crushed and their expulsion from much of their land was never up to legal muster in the United States. Hence the disempowered have recently begun to regain lost power, struggling to exercise their rights as sovereign nations, living on a radically decimated land base surrounded by the United States and Canada.

By regaining control over small tracts of land, Haudenosaunee people are recovering political power. For some people, this is unacceptable. Indians can live under U.S. domination, but not as sovereign equals maintaining their own culture and laws. Hence, in the villages of Union Springs and Cayuga, N.Y., on the shores of Cayuga Lake, in Cayuga County, we now have an almost all-white group of people - the ''Upstate Citizens for Equality'' - who have formed to oppose a sovereign Cayuga presence. In essence, what UCE is doing is struggling to maintain its own political advantage over the people who historically controlled the land UCE members now claim as their own.

In 2002, UCE branched out to form a western New York (Buffalo) chapter to combat Seneca land claims and eventually join forces with anti-casino activists - in effect, attempting to co-opt the anti-gaming movement into the anti-sovereignty movement (Ironically, their office is located on Indian Church Road in the Buffalo suburb of West Seneca). After I wrote a column for Buffalo's weekly, ArtVoice, asking the question, ''When do well-intentioned activists cross the line to racism?'', Joel Rose, a leader of Buffalo's anti-casino movement, responded by writing, ''We are not racists: I have never uttered a racist word or _expression.'' Rose went on to defend UCE, arguing that ''UCE has based its position on the distinctly non-racist notion that we should all be playing by the same rules.''

The rules that UCE argues we all have to play by, however, aren't mutually agreed upon - they are the rules imposed on the Haudenosaunee during the Sullivan Campaign. Rose describes Haudenosaunee territory as ''islands of sovereignty in the middle of a modern nation.'' Now, while UCE members are not donning hoods or shouting epithets, they are arguing the notion that Indians who live in the here and now are somehow not part of the modern world and that hence, they have to play by rules that their so-called ''modern nation'' would impose upon them. This is the same rhetorical argument white society used to justify genocide and ethnocide against supposed ''savage,'' ''primitive'' or ''uncivilized'' Indian nations in the 17th and 18th centuries.

What UCE and Rose are arguing for is not equality - it's the maintenance of a power dynamic that privileges non-Natives at the cost of disempowering Native nations. And of course, Rose's statement begs the question: If Indians are not a modern nation, then what exactly is Rose saying they are? And if this assumption justifies their disempowerment, then is it racist?

UCE and the anti-casino Coalition Against Gaming in New York now tie together though their leadership, with Daniel Warren serving as chair of the WNY Chapter of UCE and as a director of CAGNY, of which UCE is a member organization.

What is interesting here is that while UCE is anti-sovereignty and hence, one could argue, anti-Indian (since Native identity and political power are entwined with sovereignty, UCE is not against gaming; and neither is Warren, who writes that he supports ''either the rescission or full legalization of gambling, but not the granting of a monopoly [to Indians].''

So if Warren, a director of the anti-casino group CAGNY, is not against casinos, then what exactly is he against? According to Warren and the UCE Niagara mission statement, UCE supports ''an expeditious and final resolution of all Indian land claims.'' The phrase ''final resolution'' echoes the Nazi ''final solution'' calling for the annihilation through genocide of the Jewish people - an idea they came up with after first discussing the forced relocation of Jews onto reservations in Madagascar. UCE's idea of a final solution is the ultimate negation of Native sovereignty - a sovereignty that has until now survived centuries of oppression.

Indian nations don't have the monopoly on gaming that Warren describes. New York is replete with racinos, OTB parlors, Keno, lotto and lotteries, bingo, etc., not to mention casinos in neighboring states and Canadian provinces. By focusing on Indian gaming and not gaming in general, by joining forces with UCE and by admitting leadership that is not opposed to gaming, CAGNY is crossing the line from being an anti-gaming group to an anti-Indian group.

The issue always comes back to sovereignty and a resistance to recognize Haudenosaunee sovereignty. Niagara University Hospitality Management professor Steve Siegel, for example, in a cover story for ArtVoice, wrote that an Indian-run casino at Buffalo Creek would have an unfair advantage over U.S.-run businesses.

Siegel argued that U.S. federal, state and local agencies will not have authority to regulate Seneca activities. He wrote that ''those who feel they were discriminated against by Indian employers'' will not be able to file a complaint with the U.S. National Labor Relations Board. He went on to explain that victims of sexual harassment in Indian businesses ''cannot sue the Seneca Nation for lost wages or psychological damages in [U.S.] federal court.'' It's interesting that Siegel, whose article attacks sovereignty but not the idea of casinos, chose to discuss hypothetical sexual harassment and discrimination by Indians. By doing so he is continuing an old Reconstruction-era tradition of terrifying white audiences with images of emancipated non-whites sexually victimizing helpless victims.

Siegel listed areas, ranging from health inspections to music and liquor licenses, in which Native businesses will be unregulated. Absent in the professor's analysis, however, is the fact that the Senecas, as a sovereign nation, are the ones who regulate and adjudicate all of these issues as they see fit - just like their sovereign Canadian counterparts across the river - without needing paternalistic oversight from their U.S. neighbors.

This is what enrages Indian people as racist - the unquestioned notion that sovereign Indian nations are not competent to manage their own affairs. Historically, U.S. administrations used this justification to impose corrupt BIA control over Native resources, just as states today want to regulate Indian gaming.

Traditional Haudenosaunee people tend to oppose gaming, but they would never compromise sovereignty. By alienating Native anti-gaming activists with their anti-sovereignty rhetoric, the white anti-casino movement has in effect alienated the very people who could be effective allies in their struggle. If the anti-gaming movement is to survive with any credibility, it needs to cleanse itself of its racist aura and return to focusing on the gaming debate - and divorce itself from the fight against Native rights and political power.

Michael Niman is a syndicated columnist and professor of journalism and media studies at Buffalo State College in New York. A two-time Project Censored winner, his columns are archived at his Web site: www.mediastudy.com.

Please visit the Indian Country Today website for more articles related to this topic.

"You obviously know nothing..." 25.Sep.2006 18:57

not a Christian, but not a biggot either

You know, when you just write off people based on their race, ethnicity, or RELIGION, you are a biggot. Pure and simple. No one is immune to the idiocy that pervades this culture. It is not about religion, it is about human nature. Yes, it is.

And I laugh at the assertion that I "obviously know nothing about psychology or history." I studied the history of religion as an undergraguate, and psychology as a graduate student. Not that one needs a college degree to know things, but it does show that I have put a lot of thought and research into this area. Think about it some.

As long as we try to externalize the problems of our species to "other" people, we're really fucked. It's what you do when you pretend that "all christians" are fucked up. No, they are not. I gave you an example of a group of people I would hold up against almost any activists in this city. The Catholic nuns who broke into a nuclear weapons facility, beat up a missle, and poured their own blood on it. Man, when was the last time *you* took an action like that? Please do not insult fine people like that with your narrow, biggoted stereotypes. It's sophomoric and tiresome. Really.

BLAMING THE VICTIM 03.Oct.2006 09:40

Dusty Gray

Your response, though predictable, nevertheless is aggravating and serves no purpose other than to obfuscate and derail the primary issue pertaining to the level of racism in this country today.
It is the practiced response of the religious zealot which is designed to absolve the perpetrator of religious lethality by blaming the native victims. Your statement that we Indians "externalize" our problems onto others is patently ludicrous, amounting to nothing more than a zealot's attempt to demonize and "blame" us for the rape, robbery, and mass murder of our entire race of people, a tactic which has historically served the invading European warmonger well, as is evident through the theft of our country without apology or adequate recompense. Your statement is tantamount to a wifebeater telling the judge that he beat his wife because "she doesn't know when to shut up". In such a case, hopefully the judge would throw the book at him and bury his ridiculous ass beneath the jailhouse.

To "not a Christian, but not a biggot either 25.Oct.2006 05:28

Dave Stone Bull pejuta_sapa_was_aka04@msn.com

If Irv Coppi had ever met you, he might rethink argumentum ad hominem as a fallacy of induction.With that said, let's get on with this. American Indians have every right to distrust Christianity, in light of the fact that over 90% of our population has been wiped out since the arrival of Christianity to this continent in the late 15th century. This represents the single worst act of Genocide in World history. This chatge wasn't led by a small group of European invaders pretending to be Christians, but rather under the auspices first of the Roman Catholic Church, who carried along with their crucifixes swords, muskets, and disease, following under ther so called "God_Given" right of "Power of Discovery" and "Manifest Destiny. If you are the "Historian" that you claim you are, then even you must concede this. I do agree with you that not all Christians are bad, but then again I never had to run a Jew out of my house for telling me that "I would BURN IN HELL" unless I became "Born Again" as a "Christian", as I once did with a Representative of a local Baptist church. To Indians, we feel that such manners are kind of like inviting yourself to somebody else's dinner table, eating all the food, taking a dump on the table, and then asking for dessert while complaining about the crap on the table. Tell me, did you ever see the movie, "Schindler's List"? If so would you say that Oscar Schindler was a "Good Nazi"? Can there be such a thing? My Grandfather used to say, "No matter what color you paint it, a skunk will always be the same to a blind man." So tell me, if you can, what color is your skunk? (Oh, by the way, FYI, Jesus was NOT a Christian) Thank You P.S. I did not include documentation with this article at this time because I am blind, and it is very difficult to do, however I will provide documentation in the future if requested, but this might take some time to do