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Divisionism is Death

A well-known method of subjugation utilised by conquerors and rulers alike is, "divide and conquer"; this strategy applies equally in times of war and peace. It may surprise many but this method remains the principal means of social control in today's western societies. The primary divisive structure today is the (separate, 'closed-door') nuclear family and the principal divided unit is the psychically isolated, competitive individual. [It should be noted that the 'individual', as distinct from the group, is a relatively recent social creation.]
Western capitalist societies in which the 'virtues' of individualism are extolled and the 'sanctity' of the nuclear family is held in the highest regard are the societies facing the greater degree of disintegration in today's world. Western middle class values, designed to serve and expedite minority rule (divide and conquer) are now proving counter productive and are threatening social cohesion and continuity.

In contrast to the western model, community oriented societies that favour mutual co-operation and support are demonstrating their resilience even under the most appalling assaults on their existence, I refer to the Muslim resistance against Israeli racism, ethnic cleansing and criminal aggression - the South Lebanon conflict was the latest overt expression of this criminal aggression.

[We take this opportunity to state categorically that WAR is unacceptable in the present age; all wars are crimes against humanity and those who wage them (religionists and capitalists) are the most heinous criminals. The lives of innocent children indict the warmongers; the tiny dead hands of innocent babes will overcome the most powerful nations. Those (criminally insane) who would devalue human life and euphemistically classify it as "collateral damage" have sealed their own fate - the cries of innocent babes is heard in the 'Highest place'.]

The many interventionist wars waged by the USA that have been lost to local communities fighting for their ancestral lands highlights the glaring failures of American 'culture'. The illegal Iraq intervention exposes the moral bankruptcy associated with mercenary ambitions and exploitation. Western culture, devoid of all meaningful associations and bonds, has been reduced to offering as the highest prize and achievement, MONEY! It will soon become plain to the few who remain unaware that there is no joy in money or material wealth. Belonging, fraternal bonds, group service and support (all-one, one-all) offer the greater satisfaction (real wealth).

Communities offer protection; safety from child abuse, wife abuse and other horrid crimes committed behind the closed doors of the nuclear family. Children in communities have many secure options at their disposal in the event their biological parents fail in their responsibilities. Extended families/clans (or communities) assist by offering support to parents or automatically adopting children that lose the comfort and security of their parents' care. The mutual support networks that women instinctively form have rarely been appreciated as THE principal support mechanism for community life. The contribution of Women is of no less value than that of men, regardless of external veneers and customs. Communities are their own proof of success, as history would verify. Those nourished in these environments ALWAYS out-perform their 'hollow' opponents, as has been demonstrated by those who resist overwhelming force and prevail.

The tragedy of contemporary western culture is alienation, which results in either dejection or aggressive behaviour. Unfulfilled human needs and the lack of respect and recognition as a valued member of society produce perverted and pathological behaviours, as is evidenced by 'leading' western societies today. Real values such as the JOY, HARMONY and PEACE experienced in community life are displaced by the abstract values of material wealth. The pursuit of any abstract value (especially religion) inevitably results in emotional and spiritual bankruptcy and violence as is also clearly evident today. The revival of religious discourse is symptomatic of failing societies and their attempts to compensate for vacuous pursuits.

All Life is the result of universal HARMONY whereas the religions/ideologies of men are violent and destructive; the highest 'religion' is simply re-alignment with the harmony of Creation, there are no other requirements - birds fly instinctively and humans instinctively gravitate to Peace and Harmony. The doctrines of men are formulas for misery, death and destruction; THIS IS PLAIN TO SEE, the diatribes of theologians, liars and exploiters only deceive fools. Human re-integration results in the flowering of innate human qualities, LOVE, PEACE and JOY, which are innate qualities, birthrights.

Elites are terrorised by any social inclination to peace and/or unity. There is nothing that strikes more fear into the criminals who rule than UNITY. It is alienation/divisionism that sustains perverse ruling elites; commUNITY is anathema to all societies in which minority rule is the 'norm'.

We respond to ALL divisionist discourses with three simple and profound words:


We are ONE.


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We must reconcile the concept of self-defense... 21.Sep.2006 09:38

Pravda or Consequences

Are we defending our right to go after profit? What kind of State/Federal legislation amending the Consitutions will we draft?

Just curious.

Here Here. 21.Sep.2006 11:46


Or would that be, "Hear Hear"?

When the collapse comes, if Portland and the surrounding cities are unable to come together as a community instead of freaking out when the system crashes at an accelerated pace, then chaos is certain.
If, however, we can maintain calm and ensure everyone access to Maslow's basic needs: Food, shelter, etc... we will make it through the first massive rough patch.

All I can recommend is for anyone serious about what it takes to maintain survival is to learn what is at this website:  http://www.portlandpeakoil.org/cs/ppos_principles_of_preparedness