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Indoctrination by CNN.COM

Reading a story at cnn.com, I see the writer uses the term "cell" to describe the hangout of drug smugglers.

Regardless of what you think of CNN, I think it is very noteworthy that the status quo is methodically catagorizing both vice and political suspects as terrorists.
It is important because the corporate media is teaching 'talking points'. Too bad because it will probably be successful. After all, if it's in the newspaper (metaphorically) it's the truth.

Take the Dictionary Back! 20.Sep.2006 20:46

Joeys Mom

They have got control over the language. We have got to take it back. In a time of Universal deceit,
telling the truth is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT.

Heard recently 21.Sep.2006 07:08


'disputed territory' to describe Tibet rather than 'occupied country'. Turned to my fav teenager and said, 'See how they do that. Listen up.'