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Will the dems take back the House in November
Unusual Position on the November Elections

I am a democrat and have always voted for our party, believing as many others that the Democratic Party is closer to the working men and women of this nation. I believe the Republican Party is a party of the rich and those who think they will become rich under republican administrations. My projections are going to be in the minority and criticized by many but they will come true.

1) The Democrats will not win back the House or the Senate. The one major reason I will offer is this---The leadership of the Democratic Party do not want to win back the House in 2006. There is a truth out there that nobody is talking about: The American people will not allow any party to control all three branches of government ever again. There is the dilemma for the democrats--- win the House of Representatives and lose the Presidential Election in 08!

The leadership of our party have already come out and said there will be no Impeachment of Bush if they take back the House and you will hear more dems coming out saying the same thing or refusing to talk about it during the next month or so. Now to the Senate.

2) The Unite States Senate is a club of millionaires, no big revelation here. The Dems do have a chance to take back the Senate but they will throw the race and settle for a few wins and make the Senate a shared chamber with the Republicans, maybe 51-49 or 50-50, but the dems will make sure they do not take a majority and have to fix the mess this lunatic in the White House has created by lying, stealing and the destruction of any Middle East settlement. The democrats will work with the republicans who still have a soul and checkmate the power of Bush for two years and win the Presidency in 08. There will be no impeachment of Bush or Cheney. "Lame Duck" jumps at the dems and they will not resist watching Bush sit in the White House and lose all power for two years. Now last---the indictments of criminals in the House who will fall along with Ney, Delay, Noe, and others.

3. There is enough evidence now to indict dozens of Republicans but this will not happen. Sen. Frist along with Speaker Hastert and many others will not be indicted because it will cause too much pain for our government. Deals will be made and criminals will walk. These are my predictions for the coming elections, I pray I am wrong---but don't think so!
I think that it's 21.Sep.2006 04:37

More Likely

that Diebold machines will continue to jam up and/or steal votes, the battle fleet currently enroute to the Persian Gulf will arrive for an October Surprise, and three quarters of this country's population who happen to be dimwits of the first order will respond to Dubya's continuing use of "Iraq" and "Al Qaeda" in the same sentence.

Further, I think that Dubya is stupid enough to see any sort of victory in November as grounds for intensifying his personal crusade, and then my crystal ball predicts a massive popular uprising in the days following any attack on Iran.

Thailand's PM took a trip and got the boot. How about a nice vacation, George?