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IMPEACH BUSH cleared at the voting polls

I went to vote today. I had a cloth sign taped to my shoulder bag that simply read:

I went to the check-in table and was about to sign my name to receive my ballot when one of the poll workers noticed the sign on my bag. I wasn't allowed to sign and was told no political messages were allowed.

I didn't get irate, but I did state that I had 1st amendment rights and would they please show me an RCW (Washington State law) or a Federal law that prevented me from displaying such a sign.

The workers weren't sure but then found some wording in their election handout that referred to campaign literature and a part pertaining to advocating for a specific candidate. I stated my sign did not fall into either category.

I was told they would have to get the supervisor. I didn't mind waiting and they were polite. The supervisor had to place a call to get the answer. They asked him what the sign said, so he had to say IMPEACH BUSH. As I thought, it did not violate any rules and was "approved".

I knew they were just trying to make sure they were following the rules and it was a polite exchange between all parties involved. But the best part was, IMPEACH BUSH was given more attention - visually, verbally and by the people coming into vote listening to the exchange! A small thing, but SOMEthing.

I thought I had signed up for absentee ballot but didn't receive one, so I was also pleasantly surprised when each voter was given the option of electronic or paper vote. I thought it was all electronic. There weren't any chads either, You had to make a straight pen line to the arrow of the candidate or issue voted on.
this is notable for the psychology 20.Sep.2006 10:09


.....it illustrates that small details of policies can send large messages---messages that even polite people will subconsciously enscribe to for themselves and deliver to you with no logical basis.
I'm not necessarily saying that those poll people were dumb or barbaric, I am just saying that something was triggered in their minds that caused them to spontaneously create their own measures that represented further 1st amendment violations. My point is about the power of psychology.
In another situation, where there are not procedures and customs in place for checking with supervisors and looking things up, or if the character of the people is not polite, this same psychological event/trigger would have been deadly.

Good job! 20.Sep.2006 20:26


The story brings me a smile.
And ballots should be paper. Personally, I don't mind waiting for the results of polls while they're counted, and I wouldn't mind, either, that the money that goes for machines would go to people to support a paper ballot.

Isnt it nice when the truth prevails and rights are respected 21.Sep.2006 16:17

Joe Anybody

Good Job

I like the sound of IMPEACH BUSH too

You are being progressive
way to go .....

THANK YOU .......you activist!

IMPEACH BUSH 28.Sep.2006 02:24


I like the t-shirt story. Now you can sign our online petition to Impeach President Bush! People from any state can sign. We are working to put together a data base of all the paper and online petitions across the country. Then groups from every state can go to their individual legislators to demand endorsement of impeachment, and send it to the House as a priviledged item. Our President is a callous liar and a criminal. Just four short, legal, very impeachable reasons here: Illegal War; Illegal Wiretapping; Torture, illegal detentions, and extraordinary renditions; Distain for the law--over 850 signing statements saying laws he is signing do not apply to the President; Dereliction of Duty...the list goes on. Please check out our website and sign our petition. Then ask ten of your friends to sign and pass it on. I believe that removing Bush from office will go down as one of the most significant achievements of our generation. There is no time to lose.

Best wishes, Linda
Eastside FOR
Bellevue Washington  http://www.eastsideFOR.org/impeach/

What 1st Amendment? 13.Oct.2006 15:50