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Bullet holes in Glen Lukas's grandmother's apartment

The Grandmother of Glen Lukas feared for her life inside her apartment when shots rang out and went through her walls and window almost striking her! There is a lot going on here. The parents were interrogated for 6 hours afterwards WITHOUT an attorney. They have not been told when the Grand Jury is meeting or anything! This is going to be one hell of a fight, for I am going to help them through this. Yamhill County police are upset over the actions taken by the Hillsboro Police, and so are ALOT of people in that county, for if Yamhill Police would have came as should of been, Lukas would still be with us.
It,s Lukus Glenn 19.Sep.2006 21:41


I am so sorry.

Feared for my life 19.Sep.2006 21:42

noah body

Anyone see the story about the 81 year old guy (ex NYC cop) who took down a couple of home invaders, one armed with a screwdriver? Didn't haveta kill em. Kinda makes our intrepid deputies look pretty damn wimpy, no?

Nurse 20.Sep.2006 16:15


Or how about that 50-some year old nurse who strangled bare-handed a man armed with a claw hammer - after he surprised her in her home, hit her with the hammer and bit her?

Maybe we can get people like her to respond to crisis situations....
or teach the cops how to do it.

why were they interrogated for six hours? 22.Sep.2006 09:50

that is sick!

the thugs are trying to get info from the Lukus' family, so that they can best construct their defense. All they care about is themselves, and they should not be allowed to tamper with the judicial process, let alone be on the taxpayer dole. They should be behind bars and not allowed to be around knives, etc.

don't call the police 22.Sep.2006 11:31


"The mission of the Portland Police Bureau is to maintain and improve community livability by working with all citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect property and promote individual responsibility and community commitment."

let's remember that these cops are being paid right now, for murder.

huh? 23.Sep.2006 12:26


I'm trying to figure out something??? Why would Yamhill county come out to a the Glenn incident? which is in Washington County, and same goes for Hillsboro? Is there another incident we are talking about? Sorry confused...?

washington county 27.Sep.2006 13:22

jadiaeagle myspace: Release The Beast

Our neighborhood is usually addressed as Tigard, but is technically Metzger, a small little thing, i think the official name is a township or annexation, i dunno. It has something to do with taxes and cit lines. Usually Washington county respondes to incidents in the neighborhood, sometimes Tigard police. Not Yamhill county and not Hillsboro.