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It is a GAME!!!!

The lead story on chanel two tonight? Some dumfuq ref makes a bad call, and is getting death threats. It is a freakin GAME fer cryin out loud! Cops are killing our kids right and left for no fuckin reason,
We get all excited about-who won a fucking ball game, and who made a bad call. Come on, folks. Can we PLEASE pay attention to what is important? Our government is sedating us with who the fuck cares crap about who the fuck cares, while they are killing our kids at home and abroad. Soylent Green is PEOPLE, folks.
bread and circus fr phuksake 19.Sep.2006 20:38

patriot guy

So did some one wake up cranky this morning? I mean, what could possibly be more important than the Oregon Ducks Football? I am thinking a nice long rest at our new KBR R&R facility.

Plenty to do, water sports, textile making.

See you on the farm, I'm in the database as well.

another way 20.Sep.2006 08:18


The approach is obviously not working.... heard lars larson dismiss using tranquilizers, water pressure, or any other method than the way it is.

Loved his rational for not using tranquilizers....if you mixed the wrong mixture it could kill them. huh....excuse me, isn't that the reason we are having this conversation....our children are being killed instead of helped. Come on, how do they do it in countries where the cops don't carry guns ? I have never been to England but I understand they don't there.

There are other methods...and this extreme force isn't always the answer....hey, we are all together here....its not "them" against "US"....its just us!