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hello fellow portlanders! I just got back from an awesome summer in minnesota. I attended 2 different free markets while living there and i thought hey, why is there not one in portland?
So i was wondering since i haven't lived in portland too terribly long, maybe if someone with more knowledge on the history of p-town could tell me if there has been a free market here. Because i think it would be great for our community to have once a month. I want to know where it was held and how successful it was. I know that everyone has stuff that they want to get rid of, but don't you just hate giving away your crap to places like goodwill that cOMPLETLY over-price everything and make a lot of money off of you, insted of selling things a little more reasonable? So at a free market people could give away things or trade. Please respond if you have any ideas or thoughts on this subject! Because there is more to life than capitalism!
peace yo!
got links? 19.Sep.2006 21:55


Got links to info about free markets?

free market venues 21.Sep.2006 20:46


Ever checked out portland freecycle? It is a free market, if only online. I've also seen them do an in-person free market at Last Thursdays on Alberta Street. By the way, you don't need a permit to set up a table at Last Thursdays, so free-market away!