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Sonthi Boonyaratglin: Thai general

Religion involved in the coup?
Most Thai are Buddhist, but the Southern provinces have a large number of Muslims. General Sonthi Boonyaratglin was appointed last October by the King, in an apparent move to show that Muslims would be treated fairly (hundreds have died in the uprisings).

This General's name is now being mentioned in association with the coup--too early to know in what capacity or on which side; but if a Muslim is taking over the country, things could get ugly. Boonyaratglin fought with the US in the Vietnam War.

Just a heads-up for fellow news watchers

it is Boonyaratglin 19.Sep.2006 10:37

theresa mitchell

Canada.com says that the coup is under "troops loyal to" the Muslim General. However, it seems so far that the impetus is merely a desire to prevent chaos, rather than to promote Islam. The PM had dissolved Parliament, and his election was diminished by a boycott.

It is also worth noting that the Thai police and military have a long-standing relationship with the CIA; it is unlikely that the CIA was uninformed of these developments. See back issues of Covert Action Quarterly.

bush loves this 19.Sep.2006 17:02


i am sure that bush will rush to welcome the new dictator, like he did with pervez musharaf of pakistan.

bush and his kind have never met a dictator that they did not like. (at least until said dictator gets a big head and tries to start calling his own shots with the us empire.)

We'll See 19.Sep.2006 19:22

Den Mark, Vancouver

We'll see where this leads. Maybe bush WON'T like it. PM Thaksin was a corrupt billionaire businessman, just bush's type, against who there were street demonstrations demanding resignation some months back.

Consider: 28.Mar.2007 01:02


Thaksin was 1.very popular with the rural poor and despised by the Thai bourgeoisie; and 2.drawing Thailand closer and closer to China. Remember, Thaksin is an ethnic Chinese. It appears the U.S. was afraid of losing its most important ally in S.E. Asia to its biggest rival and used its influence in the (U.S. trained) military to get Thaksin overthrown since they knew they couldn't beat him at the ballot box. The king is an asskisser of the U.S. and was born in Boston. If you'll notice, the U.S.-Thai military exercises continue just like as if nothing happened.