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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

AUDIO Sept 17th : 911 Break Through Rally at Cooper Union NYC (link)

PDX 9/11 Truth Alliance ACTIVISM projects and progress meetings 7-9pm Wednesday evenings at [new] LAUGHING HORSE Books 12 NE 10th Ave just off East Burnside diagonal from Doug Fir --- help group decide how to make documentary material available and compelling for the general public to unify in a DEMAND FOR THE TRUTH about September 11th 2001 and a whale of a lot of related atrocities
dialup 32kbps all ten segments broadband 128kbps Part 1 first five Part 2 second five 1-Press Conference-Partial 2-Intro-Les Jamieson 3-Judy Wood-Engineer 4-James Fetzer 5-Ralph Schoenman-Author 6-Barrie Zwicker-Journalist 7-David Miller-First Response 8-Jim Marrs-Author 9-Wayne Madsen-Journalist 10-William Pepper-Lawyer

homepage: homepage: http://pdx911truth.blogspot.com/
phone: phone: 503 287 3473