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Another young man killed by police.

In Washington County, a young man has been shot and killed by police. Apparently Lukus Glen came home from a party at 3 a.m. and was drunk. He and his father began to argue, according to corp news, and the father called police. Lukus got ahold of a knife and the officers "felt their lives threatened", so tried to stop him with bean bag shots. That did not work, so they shot Lukus. This is very sketchy right now, but I was watching corp news and saw interviews of neighbors who were in shock.

They said that they had watched Lukus grow up and could bot believe that he had been shot. This very is similar to what happened to Fouad Kaady, except, of course, that Fouad was not drunk or armed. Still, on the surface, I have to wonder about the way each of these young men died. Once again someone called for help and that call ended in death.

Fair and Balanced ? What about Fouad Kaady's story?
Being older and perhaps having spent more of my life in the "mainstream," many of my acquaintances often ask me why I spend time, here, on IndyMedia. "don't you think that most of the articles are slanted toward the radical left?"

My response is that the so called mainstream media does a swell job of covering the "news" according to the corporate leaders' view. It is fair and balanced, as long as you do not ask any questions, and as long as you believe that the government-any government, is always right. Was it fair, was it balanced, when two murderous thugs in uniform tortured, then murdered, Fouad Kaady?