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Fair and Balanced ? What about Fouad Kaady's story?

Being older and perhaps having spent more of my life in the "mainstream," many of my acquaintances often ask me why I spend time, here, on IndyMedia. "don't you think that most of the articles are slanted toward the radical left?"
My response is that the so called mainstream media does a swell job of covering the "news" according to the corporate leaders' view. It is fair and balanced, as long as you do not ask any questions, and as long as you believe that the government-any government, is always right. Was it fair, was it balanced, when two murderous thugs in uniform tortured, then murdered, Fouad Kaady?
My memory of the "news" coverage of this event was that even before the poor victim was cold, Mainstream Media began it's assault upon the truth: "It is unknown at this time whether he was on drugs, " "The "suspect" had allegedly been involved in several hit and run accidents," "He was said to be acting strangely just before the incident." "when the suspect failed to respond to the tasers (FAILED TO RESPOND??? HE WAS BLEEDING, BURNED BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION, AND THE DUMBASS COPPERS WERE PUMPING HIM FULL OF ELECTRICITY-He responded all right. as soon as the electricity stopped, he jumped and ran), the officers were forced to shoot to kill." SEVEN TIMES!!!
No, there was no balance, until Indy reporters became aware, and began to question. No balance, until friends and relatives began to yell and scream, no balance until our noise was heard in Wyoming, and the Spence firm began to take an interest. Then the balance began. More balance to follow when the film is published, and yet more balance to follow when the Spences take these animals apart, piece by piece. Mark my words, main stream media will be busy as ever trying to put the best face possible on government exesses.
I will probably continue to monitor MSM in order to see what the government wants us to think, but when I want news, it will always come from Indy and other sites who do not pretend to be fair and balanced. For the love of GOD, someone MUST represent the people in the information cycle. Someone must speak from the victim's side. The corporate ("liberal?) media can continue to present their fair and balanced coverage, if it likes. I call bullshit.
"LIBERAL" Media 18.Sep.2006 12:46


Yea it took me a while to figure out what people meant when they said "Liberal Media". Past few years you just here this term incessantly and realize that it is most often used in an accusatory fashion as though being liberal is synonymous with being an extremist nut of some type. I finally realized that it's just more of the same right wing extremist propaganda being peddled by this sick minority of neo-cons. Tune into any right wing talk show and listen to one of these fascist tyrants like Limbaugh, O Riley, or Savage. Their extremist minority viewpoint which supports racism, fascism, religious intolerance, and above all ignorance, has little ground to stand on so they spend most of their time calling anyone that doesn't support their cause one hundred percent, liberal. Basically, anyone that does not support or dares to question this new world order of the corporate police state, gets accused of being liberal. If being at the opposite end of the spectrum from Nazi Christians and fascist War profiteers is liberal, sign me up. I'm one American very proud of our democratic struggle for liberty and justice. It's kind of funny that in their twisted view of the world that even a corporate paper like the Oregonian gets the tag of being liberal. Believe it or not I have actually heard a few of these sick neo-cons refer to the Oregonian as Pravda West, as though it's a left wing rag.
I think that a good to remember is that the sick son of a bitches behind this neo-con movement don't care anymore about the victims of the corporate police state they are trying to bring about, than the Oregonian cares about the truth as it tries to rationalize the murdering of defenseless civilians at the hands of cowardly trigger happy thugs.

Freedom of the press 18.Sep.2006 16:05


-For those who own a printing press. In coming months, also remember that in addition to their cop loving attitude, the big O has a very old ax to grind with the Spence firm, and that fair and balanced will be the furthest thing in it's mind.
For those not familiar, pick up "Smoking Gun," or research the story of Sandra Jones (1985, Lincoln County), to see how far these bastards will go to skew the truth.