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Another young man killed by police.

Sadly, another young man has been shot and killed by police.
In Washington County, a young man has been shot and killed by police. Apparently Lukus Glen came home from a party at 3 a.m. and was drunk. He and his father began to argue, according to corp news, and the father called police. Lukus got ahold of a knife and the officers "felt their lives threatened", so tried to stop him with bean bag shots. That did not work, so they shot Lukus. This is very sketchy right now, but I was watching corp news and saw interviews of neighbors who were in shock. They said that they had watched Lukus grow up and could bot believe that he had been shot. This very is similar to what happened to Fouad Kaady, except, of course, that Fouad was not drunk or armed. Still, on the surface, I have to wonder about the way each of these young men died.
Once again someone called for help and that call ended in death.

I understand that tasers are issued to Washington County officers, but that they are not required to carry them. Whether or not these officers had these weapons within reach, I do not know. Though I do not feel that tasers are an answer, I would wonder if they might have been enough to stop Lukus. Anything seems better than shoothing him to death.

just saw this reported on KGW-TV's 16.Sep.2006 17:51

Evening News

and resented very much that they've hired back C. W. Jensen as their spinmeister
when it comes to police activity. He gave the "spin" one would expect from a man
that is ethically-challenged (recall his being fired by Katz for financial fraud)
and his long-term bout with alcholism (one who is an alcoholic is not known to be
clear-thinking and in touch with reality). Sadly, the sheeple will listen to this
manical clown and accept his spin as the gospel and think no more. Thank God we
have PIMC that gives a viable alternative to the "corporate spin" and gives us a
closer perspective as to the truth, which people who listen solely to the Jensen
types will never get. This goofy-looking fellow obviously didn't make it in his
real estate career and had to hop on back to KGW to be their "expert". That being
the case, leaves me to suspect KGW's ability to deliver the local news in a fair
and unbiased manner. Shame on KGW and double-shame on C. W. Jensen for popping
back in our faces with his silly egotistical warped thinking...let us recall he
was an ardent supporter of Jason Sery, Robert King, Scott McCollister and those
types of assholes and never missed a chance to spin it their way. Ugh!

Don't call police 16.Sep.2006 19:13


To you people in Oregon, don't call the police, especially if you're dealing with someone who needs medical attention, language translation, or medical intervention. Police must not be trained to deal with anyone who cannot be rational.

cruising the news 16.Sep.2006 20:04


One of those interviewed made a good point when she said, "Why couldn't they have shot him in the leg?" This is getting ridiculous. They treat people like nuisance skunks.

Yes Shaker 16.Sep.2006 20:36


You made a good point, Shaker. I once thought officers were trained to 'shoot', but I have come to understand that they are trained to KILL. I thought they could wound in order to diffuse situations that are, quite obviously, frightening and threatening. But they are only trained to kill and that is what they did. This young man was only 18, had been partying and was drunk. His father will never forgive himself for calling for help and seeing his son killed before his eyes.

Which cops 16.Sep.2006 20:50

Den Mark, Vancouver

Which jurisdiction committed this new murder?

Nevermind 16.Sep.2006 21:13

Den Mark

I found out. It was WashCo sheriff dept. Were they trained by ClackCo?!

Washington County 16.Sep.2006 21:21


SW Taylor and 80th, in Washington County. Doesn't really matter, folks, if you don't want someone killed, don't call the cops. That is all they are trained to do anymore.

When officers shoot, they shoot to kill, its trained to them 17.Sep.2006 12:01


NEVER CALL THE POLICE! I cannot empathies this. I called the police to report an assault on my neighbor's kids, I got my face broken, I mean really my cheekbone was crushed and I had to have plastic surgery to place titanium plates, all while I was on the phone with 911, all recorded even though I have refused to listen to it.. The Clackamas County Sheriff showed up like 30 minutes later after I was already gone by ambulance and the assailants gone too. Then when I would not lie for the DA Scott Healy in the case, they came after me with a vengeance, I was told that next time I should not ruin an important case for Clackamas again. I will never bear false witness. All around it was a terrible thing to call the police.
I should have grabbed my pit bulls and a bat then went over and stopped it my self. NEVER, NEVER call the police! They will never help but worsen the problem. Look what happened with Fouad, he was injured, burned and almost if not blind, when Willard showed up he was sitting in shock with his legs crossed. Then Willard keeps the paramedics away and starts shouting orders. Of course, Fouad was in shock and could not comply, so they ... I cant even write it. Keep them away, and never call because of a family dispute! Do you think this man wanted his son dead? Can someone please take this on like I did for Fouad; I do not have the strength right now. Please? Get a hold of them and introduce them to Indymedia, for here is there support.

ME: How I wish that you were correct 17.Sep.2006 19:12


However, it is an inherent part of cop training, and very persistent-Shoot, Shoot quickly, and always, ALWAYS shoot to kill. In this, as in so many cases in recent years, there can be little doubt that five cops, all armed and armored to the teeth-overreacted to a drunken teen ager with a knife. I am no hero, nor did I ever play one on t.v., but if I had five bucks for every time that I have been called upon to disarm and control a drunk kid with a knife, I would have a sizeable nest egg. Guess what? Never shot one, never killed one, and that WITHOUT benefit of tasers, and even pepper spray. Certainly no bean bag guns. Never occured to me to do so, although on at least three of those occasions I was faulted by my "superiors" for not taking the ne'er do well out.

I say all of the foregoing not to make me look good, but to make today's cowards in blue look like the gun toting killers that they have become. Wake up-if you call for assistance with your son, who is admitedly acting a little nuts, you are expecting a professional, and cool response. NOT, as is so often the case these days, a bunch of trigger happy dorks.

An unnecessary death 17.Sep.2006 19:19

the old one

How horrible it is to call the police for help and have your son murdered because of it. The father will live with this the rest of his life. I understood that there were 4 officers there when the shooting occured. Why couldn't four grown men control one drunken kid without having to kill him? The men I know, even though untrained as the police should have been, could have surrounded this kid, taken him down, and taken the knife away without killing him. Their Kevlar vests would protect them from a knife attack to the body. The police acted too hastily and a young man is dead.

Storm The Hq 17.Sep.2006 19:55

Den Mark, Vancouver

Citizens in Hillsboro & surrounding communities should storm the sheriff's hq, but of course they won't, because the deceased was not THEIR kid!

Shot in the back? 17.Sep.2006 20:03

Madam Hatter

The article I read in the O said after firing beanbag rounds at Glenn to no avail ("he continued to threaten police and HIS OWN SAFETY"), Glenn headed toward the house, ignoring officers' orders to stop. "Police knew that other people were in the house and feared for their safety... Deputies felt they had no other choice but to shoot Mr. Glenn before he entered the residence."

A couple of questions popped immediately into my mind after reading this, beside the one pointed out by Shaker, Olwen , LN and others above:

1) So they apparently shot this boy in the back?

2) If those inside - his family - had actually been fearful for their lives, wouldn't they just have LOCKED the door?

It seems to me that if the police believe a situation has the potential for violence to innocents such as nearby residents, the "perp's" family, etc. they have an obligation to assure those people's safety first, if the situation allows. In this case, the boy had a knife and was facing many (4 or 5) fully armed and trained cops. They should have known the liklihood of what would happen in this situation and taken steps to mitigate the possibility of harm to bystanders.

If my mental picture of how this went down is true, the cops shot at the boy as he was either near or heading toward his front door. What if his parents had been right there? What if they were on the other side of that door and a stray bullet hit them? At the very least shouldn't they have advised them to stay put and prevent the boy from escalating the situation by barring his way in the house - ie, by locking the door?

Once again, people call for HELP and they, or their loved ones, are MURDERED. Here was an 18-year old BOY, these doting parents' only son, a kid his parents, his neighboors, his teachers all called "just a good kid," gunned down in the prime in his life.

home demonstration for Garden Home 18.Sep.2006 01:34


"SW Taylor and 80th, in Washington County". That's Garden Home, girls and boys, near Washington Square Mall in Beaverton. If I can venture a fairly certain conclusion, (not actually having lived there, but driven through a lot over the years) the area is not poor, mostly caucasian. There's none of the usual, favorite cop excuses for violent persecution present on sidewalks and street corners, cars, houses, businesses; junkies, ho's, drunks, non-white people.

It's basically a very quiet area too, but as we now see, extraordinary things occur out there too. When such things do occur, it would seem as though law enforcement personnel out there responds to them with the same single minded determination to not rumple their uniforms or break much of a sweat as do law enforcement personel in say for example, Clackamas or Multnomah counties. Anybody starting to see some kind of a pattern here?

So now the white, upper middle class white neighborhood gets their opportunity to see first hand how law enforcement's methodical, no remorse guaranteed threat determination criteria can promptly turn a loved one into dead meat.

Sort of seems like when the police put on that badge, they flush their hearts down the toilet.

Does anyone know how to get a hold of these people 18.Sep.2006 09:13


This really hurts, we should not let them bear all themselves. Does anyone know when and where the funeral is at?

Wrongful Death 18.Sep.2006 14:22

Phil Jones

According to the article in this morning's Oregonian, witnesses to the shooting said he dropped the knife as soon as he was shot with the three beanbag rounds. Then, he turned and hitched up his baggy pants with both hands to get away from the cops. At that point, he was allegedly shot in the back four or five times. If all that turns out to be true, it sounds to me as if this was a wrongful death and the parents should sue the bejeebers out of Tigard and Washington County.

There have been too many deadly shootings of people who needed help from the police and received death instead.

zaki 18.Sep.2006 15:18

i'm listening

and you have your personal experience to carry with you
i applaud you for not lowering yourself to lie in court for them
the fact of the matter is everyone is "family", at least in my eyes
some are more dysfunctional family members than others

i could not turn my back on someone being assaulted and if unable to physically stop the attack, may solicit aid from others around me - but the bottom line is, if all else failed - I simply could not turn my back and run away - I'd probably call the police, pray and have a camera on hand if possible - or bring out many to witness their arrival and handling of the situation

i hope you are never a victim, but could you imagine yourself being brutalized with people in view, none doing anything while the life was beaten out of you?

I believe each circumstance has to be weighed "in the moment" - no two have the exact same circumstances

Because I have this viewpoint in no way means that I am defending the recent murder or any other murder by police. I have high hopes the civil suit on behalf of Fouad will make a deep indentation in their budget, but more importantly will bring a high-profile public outcry to piercing levels that may enact some change.

When I was a victim, someone did call the police and they did not respond with deadly force - course it wasn't in Portland or surrounding area - i think they breed killer kops there. I can tell you from my own experience, I was thankful that person made the call.

with enough "truth" coming out 18.Sep.2006 16:18

outraged citizen

about this case, it's all too obvious the cops really made a horrible call and brought a tragedy into
existence. With Washington County's reknowned corrupt politicians and long known rightwing nutjobs on
the Washington County Sheriffs staff, I hope the high school kids that knew this poor boy will demand
the TRUTH without cover-ups, and if they see a cover-up taking place, then go on a riot and stomp the
hell out of some cops and teach these people a much needed lesson.

Horrifying 18.Sep.2006 21:55

Mother in Portland

I was utterly horrifed and appalled to read the tragic account of Lukus Glenn. I would think that three (or was it really four??) police officers would have been able to wrest a knife from a youth without resorting to such a brutal attack. I sincerely hope that the officers will be held accountable for the tragic consequences of their actions. If that's what it means to "serve and protect" our citizens, then we're better off without the aid of our armed police force. I'm embarrassed to be an American.

Does anyone know if a fund has been set up in memorial of Lukus? I am surprised that there has not been more of an uproar about this. Or is it that because the kids was "suicidal", some people are figuring he deserved what he got????

the blue monster 19.Sep.2006 11:16


Mother in Portland: It isn't just the officers directly involved in shooting and killing Lukus Glen that are responsible and need to be held accountable, but the entire law enforcement establishment that promotes use of methodology that summarily enables shooting and killing people of the kind of physical and mental state that gripped Lukus Glenn in his final hours.

How well does the average person know and understand the procedural considerations that police officers today use to approach and confront crisis situations? If Lukus Glenn's mother had known those things, do you think she would have called the police for assistance in subduing her son?

It's very important to how your local police force analyses and addresses scenarios involving unstable people whose behaviour is likely not to be criminally based. As things stand today in law enforcement, personnel appear not to make a distinction in that respect.

To them, a person misbehaving, for whatever the unascertained reason may be, is simply a suspect who must be sudued at all costs to that person's well being.

Is there any existing official department in Washington County that would have been more appropriate to call in response to the aid of Lukus Glenn? Probably not, because that's just the way things are today.

There has to be more humane, effective ways of identifying and non-fatally suduing people whose behaviour and intentions are not born out of a base determination to inflict harm upon others. Qualified people can be trained to do this as more appropriate methodology and procedure is developed, but this will only happen when the public comes forward and tells their elected officials that they will not accept anything less.

Inside Info 19.Sep.2006 11:39


I've talked to current cops and cop wannabees. The culture and possibly training is that they shouldn't have to get hurt--for any reason. If someone might hit them or cut them, they feel justified in using lethal force. I mean, someone's life is worth less than the risk of them getting banged up a little bit. Certainly, I don't think officers should have to risk their lives any more often than necessary, but a few cuts and scrapes should be considered part of the job. Now they're just shooting folks to keep their hands clean. We, the people, need to take control of our own policing.

Steroids? 19.Sep.2006 12:14

Phil Jones

Have these three law enforcement officers, all of whom are under 30 years of age, been tested for steroids or other drugs since the shooting? It seems to me it should be automatic to test cops involved in shootings.

IMO, the three cops were more out of control than the victim, Lukus Glenn.

Dangerous "profession" 19.Sep.2006 16:28


Whenever cops seek more money, more training, more armour, more armament, the first thing they cry about is how freaking dangerous their "profession" is. Bullshit. It is we, the citizens that they are supposed to be protected by them, that are in danger. A quick research will find hundreds of jobs that are far more dangerous than driving around eating donuts until called upon to kill someone. These guys are beyond control. They are totally unwilling to take the risks that they say we are paying them to take. Their first answer to every perceived threat to their safety is a couple of ounces of lead. This has not always been so. Around 1985, the attention in all training has swung away from how to keep the citizens safe, to how to quickly terminate any perceived danger. It is all target practice to them.

fuckin cops 23.Sep.2006 21:24


i kno his cousin shes in my grade and this is why police can go fuck themselves and should never be called unless u want the person dead.


ROBERT CLARK RUTKOWSKI metrotekE@gmail.com

Does it really surprise anyone, that the Portland Police covered up and got away with, the murder of James Chasse? Please! Or that the Tigard Police are getting away with the murder of Lukus Glen by lying their way out of it? It amazes me that anyone would be so stupid as to ask the same entity that is terrorizing them (this is to say, asking the Government attorney (D.A) to investigate the wrong doings of other government officials (police). People in the United States appear to be absolute morons as is clear by how little they know about government or at least are willing to accept and acknowledge.

There are two sets of standards, the one set for us, and the other for the government. Just look at all of the perverts and child molestors in federal government, e.g. Mark Foley! At least President Clinton was able to get the gender correct. (The only thing I begrudged President Clinton was that he should have got a more attractive girl and not embarrassed us with Ms. Lewinsky but at least she was a female).

I had a friend who had been a cop on the Gestapo police force in Long Beach, Cali and he told me all about them. He came to hate them and quit because he was a decent guy.

The government in the United States is like this from the top down through the federal judges, government attorneys, all the way to the trash collectors. When it comes to them or us, believe me they are going to do anything to assure there survival.

Very Sincerely,

Robert Clark Rutkowski

Portland, Oregon USA

Polygrahph the Police 25.Oct.2006 22:40

Good Cop-Bad Cop

We have 4 unarmed sons shot by police in 11 months in Missouri.

The solution is simple: Polygraph the police. We know it can't be used in court but we also know the police use Polygraphs on familys of missing children etc...
Why not the police? Are they above the law?
An honest cop would be happy to get that cloud of suspicion over their head cleared with a polygraph.

A bad cop would refuse the test. I think if they don't they should be fired and face charges!

I found a great site you may want to pass on to the family of Lukus Glen.
 http://www.thepetitionsite.com/ it's FREE and we are working on one for police to take polygraph tests when they are accused of wrong doing...

It may be a lost cause because no Politician in any party will support it because they want the cop vote/support.

Sre. Genevieve Missouri

police are trigger happy 06.Dec.2006 19:43


I think that the police think that its just easier to shoot and kill a suspect, no matter the situation. That way the police wont have to deal with them for possibly a second call. What if it was one of their child in a situation, and a police man just shoots and kills that kid. I'd bet something would get done then. Your right, DON'T CALL THE POLICE, they might just decide to shoot you instead of actually dealing with a situation. Its just easier to shoot and kill huh?

"Injusitce" a poem by Shane Carroll 03.Mar.2007 22:58

Shane Carroll Shane_C_Oregon@hotmail.com

"Injustice" is a poem I wrote about Lukus, The second "America?" you should read after you read the text below.

I want to give the family a copy of this poem. If anyone knows them have them contact me.

The first time a cop ever threatened to beat me up I wasn't even born yet. They yanked my dad out of the car and beat the shit out of him and told my mom who was eight months pregnent with me "Shut up bitch or you're next"

Did I mention I love cops?

I also got mugged by portland police after getting assualted for mistaken Identity they stole $50 out of my wallet and proceeded to kick my ass wile I was handcuffed. I ended up with $1,400 dollars in medical bills community service and $1,800 for the dent they put in the side of the car with my head. I refused to pay for the dent so I ended up spending Christmas and New Years in jail year before last. Before I was assualted and mugged by Portlands "law Enforcement"? I had a clean record and also served my country as a marine. They charged me with dissorderly conduct, But I guess I was kind of guilty on that one because there's nothing orderly about getting your ass kicked by two cops hancuffed in the middle of the street.

Injustice- a system gone wrong 06.Mar.2007 12:03

Shane Carroll Shane_c_oregon@hotmail.com

I wrote a poem about Lukus Glen's murder. Unfortunately there have been many murders committed by police I could have chose to write about. This one just hit closest to home, literally. Living in Tigard I have met many people whose lives were affected, enriched, and saddened by the life and death of this young man. I would like to share my poem w/ any friends or family of Lukus Glen as well as the families of James Chasse, Fouad Kaddy, Kendra James, or Byron Hammick to name a "few". The poem is titled "Injustice" and it is heart felt and sincere. I too have experienced the police brutality in the region first hand, which is one reason why I'm so passionate about law enforcement reform, and making the real criminals pay. That poem is titled "America?" which can also be found on this site
The police in our society today are given the power to approach a situation and commit greater crimes than the ones that may or may not have been being committed in the first place w/ no real fear of repercussions.
Let me give you a hypothetical yet quite realistic example of which I speak. A lifelong friend and I could be having a heated argument on my own property about him sleeping w/ my girlfriend. Neighbors next door hear the altercation and call the police. When the police arrive they come onto my property to see me and my friend wrestling in the yard at which point they assault and kidnap us both. More than likely charging both of us with crimes and fines, tarnishing our records and embedding us in the legal system which is so hard to free ones self from. My point is the situation I speak of had no need for outside aggression, heightened turmoil, and financial burden that effects more than the people involved. The morning after without police intervention the friends probably would have made up w/ nothing more than possibly some abrasions and small emotional bruising.
With intervention of the police it becomes an ordeal that stretches over weeks and possibly affects the lives and well being of impressionable children if either person has kids.
Is that the system of "Justice" we want? We would be better off with Just-Us. Don't get me wrong I have respect for detectives who investigate murders, rapes, and real crimes. I also believe these men should investigate and prosecute their own with the same dedication and vigilance they do civilian criminals.
Well I'm being a little long winded, so for now I say Goodbye and please get to know your neighbors so you should not feel compelled to call the ignorant and brutal police to the scene.

If you like what you've read, please spread the word and get the message out.