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Protests Increase in August

You are probably all aware that Code Pink had a hugely successful "Bring the Troops Home Fast" campaign in DC where many people fasted to bring the troops home "FAST". They were noticed by the Iraqi government officials visiting Washington, DC and even invited to Iraq to propose ideas on how to do just that!

August 6th of course, saw a plethora of demonstrations around the world as it is the anniversary of the Hiroshima bombing: Lockhead Martin, Bechtel, Raytheon, Livermore Nuclear Weapons Lab, "events taking place in over 70 cities in 27 states, culminating on August 9th, the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing, under the banner, "From Hiroshima to Yucca Mountain to the Middle East: No Nukes! No Wars! End War Profiteering! Support Indigenous Rights!" A major focus of the demonstrations was Bechtel Corporation, one of the largest beneficiaries of both the Iraq war and all things nuclear."
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