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[Prisons] Just a Mother's Curiosity

The California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation is conducting a survey to determine how many inmates would be interested in transferring to facilities outside of California. My son is serving a 25 to life prison term in Delano, CA. He just sent me the notice of the survey and has askied me to check out some of the other prisons and see what they have to offer... He has been in prison for 4 years now and but I still don't understand the way they are run.


I will forward your question on to a friend of mine who might have some answers. In the meantime, I think we all need to be thinking about how to make prisons better, or nonexistent. I don't know, sometimes I think there are reasons to remove people from general society, if they are dangerous or something. You know, like child killers and rapists. But the criminal justice system is so completely flawed that it's not fair ... (Drug use, for example, is a public health issue not a crinimal issue. Theft is a class issue, not a criminal issue. And all the green scare people are political prisoners, not criminals.)

One concern should be whether they are talking about moving folks to private detention facilities. It seems very likely that would be the case, since moving people to other state-run prisons would just shift the "burden", and most state-run prisons are over-full. Private prisons are hell, from every account I've ever heard. They are profitable due mostly to slave labor of the inamtes, moreso than at state or federal facilities. They are usually very remote, which makes visitation hard. They have ridiculous phone contracts that make phone calls too expensive for most people to afford. I would do some serious checking, and if they are talking about private prisons, I would be VERY concerned. [ Read More ] [ http://prisonplanet.com/ ]

uncle sam wants you in prison
uncle sam wants you in prison