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Josh Harper gets 36 Months

Word just came over the wire that NW animal rights activist Josh Harper has been sentenced to 3 years in prison for the crime of speaking out in America. He's going to need our support, and he deserves it.
Josh Harper has not been charged with any crimes in connection with any direct action. Every one of the charges against Josh and the rest of the SHAC 7 defendants had to do with things they said, or things they wrote. This is wrong. This is a battle that all of us must rise to fight. We must not allow this verdict to frighten us into submission, asit was intended to do. We must continue to speak out against the kinds of injustices that Josh has been fighting for many years. And we must close ranks around him now that he needs us. In the name of solidarity and mutual aid, we must keep him company through this with letters, and we must make the committment to find out what he needs and how we can help. Some day, it may be us in there.

Below is the information from SHAC. As soon as it is known which prisons the SHAC 7 will be going to, there will be information on where we can write. Letters and support mean everything for those who are incarcerated for political "crimes." They need to know that we are out here for them.

Today, SHAC 7 defendant Joshua Harper was sentenced in federal court.
After brief presentations by his defense attorney, Josh made a moving
statement to the court. In the end, the court imposed a 36 month sentence
in federal prison which he will have to begin within the next 30 days.

Andrew Stepanian and Darius Fullmer will be sentenced next Tuesday,
September 19th at 9:15 a.m. at the Federal Courthouse in Trenton.

Thank you to those who have attended court so far--please make every
effort to be there next Tuesday.

Don't forget to donate to the SHAC 7 Support Fund! Donations can be made
payable to the "SHAC 7 Support Fund" and sent to:
SHAC 7 Support Fund
740A 14th St. #237
San Francisco, CA 94114

Donations can also be made online using paypal. www.SHAC7.com