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SHAC7 Sentencing.

Ok. So, it's bad, but not as bad as it could be.
Today, 3 of the defendants were sentenced.
Jake got 48 months.
Lauren got 52 months.
Kevin got 72 months.
Ok. So, it's bad, but not as bad as it could be.
Today, 3 of the defendants were sentenced.
Jake got 48 months.
Lauren got 52 months.
Kevin got 72 months.

That's a long time to spend in jail for speaking, but at least it wasn't as much time as our piece of crap government was trying to get out of them.

Josh should be sentenced tomorrow, with Andy and Darius to follow sometime next week. Everybody keep your fingers crossed.

Also, these people are going to need money for their commisary. That goes for food, stamps, paper and pens for writing. Let's all do what we can to make their time more bearable. ( http://shac7.com/donate.htm) That includes sending money, but also support. The importance of letter writing can't be overstated. We'll try and get some guidelines and other info up soon.

homepage: homepage: http://www.foodfightgrocery.com
address: address: 4179 SE Division

months - years conversion 12.Sep.2006 12:46


72 months = 6 years.
Imagine 6 years in jail...

48 months = 4 years in jail.

Yes - they will not be spending thier lives in jail and that is a good thing.

But I know it is easier for me to phathom what they are facing when thinking in terms of years.

fuck 12.Sep.2006 13:09

west coast anonymous

Kevin: 6 years
Lauren: 4.3 years
Jake: 4 years

Josh: ...
Andy: ...
Darius: ...

This is fucking crazy. Over 4 years for NOT committing a crime.
Solidarity through action.

Never Give UP 12.Sep.2006 15:07


Will be there for you'all to help during you time of government oppression.
Will keep up the fight to shut down HLS!!

FUCK them we're not giving up 12.Sep.2006 16:28


This is designed to put a chill into us. Because these people never committed a crime, and we all know this. All they did was speak. None of the charges had to do with any crime. They all had to do with speaking. This is supposed to scare us all into silence. It will NOT. SPEAK.

I will not be silent. We will keep struggling for what is right in the world, for what we believe in, and we will NOT cower in corners. May they be broken out of jail even as the unjust walls come tumbling down and the oppressor shatters.

Question 12.Sep.2006 16:40


Will they be abble to get out early on good behavior? Will 6 years really be 4? I hope so.

Not much. 12.Sep.2006 18:54

Food Fight! Grocery info@foodfightgrocery.com

Doesn't look like "good behavior" counts for much in Federal cases. I've been told that they should expect to serve 85% of their time, with the remainder in a half-way house or something.

I guess we need to all focus on the appeal, and until that time comes, keep letters coming in and keep their commissary funds full of money. And stay vocal and active.

The turds in DC want people to shut up and roll over. We need to all send a strong message of "fuck that" and keep the pressure on the bad guys.

It's not over 12.Sep.2006 19:10

Kevin's friend LP

Not only will the movement only get stronger, but I predict the prisons these kids get sent to will become bastions of veganism and animal rights. Additionally, I'd love to see a book/movie come out of all this...with the profits going back to the fight.

Good Time 13.Sep.2006 04:56

federal rule

the feds no longer have parole, unless you were sentenced before the parole rule was changed.

good time calculations are done by the BoP at around 54 days (1 3/4 months) per year, and it is easy to get god time, and it is easy to lose good time.

good luck folks.

Josh Harper sentenced 13.Sep.2006 10:38


Apparently, Josh Harper recieved 3 years.

maintain 13.Sep.2006 14:12

gawan gawan.greenman@gmail.com

so are we convinced yet that these tactitcs do not work yet, or are we going to lose more of our brothers and sisters souls from being sucked, we should think of some new stuff. Not that these these actions are not valiant but there effect is pretty much has none but maybe from the one who is doing it or the few who can live vicariously through it, which only leads them down the same path jailed and eye can tell you from a glimpse of the inside it is a place that they will break you for it is what they are trained to do strip away your humanity, so the ones that return 9 times out of ten it has not helped there soul.

So eye see those that are in that thing now, lets send them our support but lets also learn the lesson and come up with other effective ways because the only thing that is going to keep them out of there capitolist system is money and have not seen musch of that go into this movement, Melvin Beli is out here, now is not the time to remorse now it is the time to get smarter.


Effective. 13.Sep.2006 14:57

Food Fight! Grocery info@foodfightgrocery.com

I agree we have to adapt tactics, but not totally abandon those that have worked so well. The style of activism used by SHAC was very effective in nearly shutting down HLS. HLS would have closed down if not for the support it got from the UK government. Don't underestimate or forget all the effective work of the anti-HLS campaign.

oh great point brother.... 16.Sep.2006 16:09

gawa gawan.greenman@gmail.com

Well this one has not forgot, and would say that the they recievied the information and decided at that point that their tactics would be the most effective for them, and it was. But there will many that will follow the examples of this and we do not need more good folks rotting away in the can. So with that eye say have observed this with many over the years too many as a matter of fact, can probaly put a list on here that rivals against casualties of war list.

peace Hawk