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A Small 9/11 Protest

A report from the suburbs of Gresham
I just wanted to report that me and two other people did what we could on 9/11/06. We live out in the Gresham/Troutdale area, so the three of us walked up and down 257th near Start St with signs. Every protest that I have ever been to has been downtown so I was not sure what kind of reaction we would get out here in suburbia. We had our share of people yelling at us and middle fingers being thrown our way but overall we got way more honks and cheers. For the most part though, most people tried to act like they didn't notice us.

We stopped at a local store to eat some lunch and apparently one of the people that drove by noticed me sitting there and she walked up to me, and asked to look at our signs. One of them said 9/11 was an inside job and the other one said The U.S. armed forces is a terrorist organization. She then procceded to repeat that she couldn't beleive us about 4 times in a row. She asked how old I was and how much I knew about that subject. I replied that I have been studied it for the past 4 years and that I was a political science major. She was in awe and walked away pissed off. It felt good though when a lady that looked to be about 30 got out of her car, who apparently over heard our conversation, and said "dont worry... she probaly voted for a republican."

It was a good day today. More needs to be done. I heard that there are protests every friday at 5pm at Pioneer Square. I will try to make it to those when I can. I think we should up the game a little. Things are only getting worse out there. I'm not talking about violent protests but I am definatly talking about civil disobediance and hitting up businesses and other places people normaly dont see us. The next major event that I know is on Oct 5th. It is part of the World Cant Wait organization. Hope to see you all there.


The Domino 12.Sep.2006 09:50


there is beauty in suburbia protests, even small ones

take this lady who questioned you during lunch - she's the type that receives pleasure in her righteousness and she will relay your action to others - hoping for approval in her own beliefs

odds are that in her quest for validation, there will be at least one person who doesn't agree with her - oh my! once again her mind is pointed towards the topic and it is meeting resistance - oh my!

imagine if she saw different people in the same general area a few days or a week later and then again, and again, and again

when 911 occurred there were only a few who began speaking out about it being an inside job - what an incredulous claim to make to America! Look at the results of five years of researching, dispelling, writing and protesting has made - now it is estimated one third believe it was an inside job.

One person at a time...is all it takes. It's a slow process but does give meaning to what we term as "small actions" and in the end, accomplishes much.

Great Job Bringing the Protest to the Burbs!! 12.Sep.2006 11:34


By all means, please come to the PPRC events on Fridays at 5pm, in front of Nordstroms!! It's great to be among many progressives, and with or without the No War Drum Corps, the marches around town are loud and noticed!!

There were over 60 people last Friday, but usually it hovers around 30-40. During the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, one week saw over 300 marchers.

I have been doing the individual protesting to raise political awareness for over 5 months, and I just reposted an essay I wrote about it, "One Man Parade".

Keep at it, and once people realize that you are there regularly, and that you are not just doing it for the helluvit, more will join you!


I trust you understood what I meant... 13.Sep.2006 11:05


...when I said that consistency will cause people to support your effort, more than if you are there sporadically. I didn't mean any disparagement using the phrase "for the helluvit".

A funny note on those lines... One Friday afternoon, doing the PPRC thing at Pioneer Square, a guy walked up to me as we were "signing" traffic in front of Nordstrom's, and he asked where I was that morning. I was puzzled but he said that he always passes me at a certain time, and I was not there that morning. He even said that the bus driver noticed, and said, "Where is the sign guy?!" I thought it pretty cool that I was getting grief for disappointing people, who expect my signs to brighten their mornings, by missing a morning!!

Rock on!!


great job! 13.Sep.2006 22:10


The burbs are THE front for 911 Truth. That is where it is needed most. There is more reliance upon our discredited media there. We must break the spell.

I did the same 14.Sep.2006 00:48

Joshua Peace Seeker

I held up a sign on MLK and Grand for a while. Then along Washington Street out near Gresham. I love the small protest with big signs thing.

stand for peace is with you 14.Sep.2006 13:12

Lily MItchel caribpoint2002@yahoo.com

I am always encouraged to see people taking matters into their own hands as far as getting the truth out to the general public. My dream for almonst two years now ( since the NOv.2004 election) is to see people out on random street corners, popping up everywhere with their signs and their convictions. It doesn't serve us to stay invisibel or to keep silent in the face of the enormity of the problems we are facing. Just a friend or two or three-- it's easy!
We meet every Saturday from 11AM-1PM at the corner of NE 13th and Multnomah, which is at the entrance to the LLoyd Center parking lot on the south side of the mall ( in other words, across from Holliday Park, which borders the MAX line and is easy to get to.) We would love to see more people join us even if they only have ten or fifteen minutes to spare on a busy Saturday, or you could come for the whole two hours. It's a great social experiment, hearing what the public has to say and getting alot of support from passers-by.

Stand for Peace


Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

Thanks to all you Truth Spreaders

I had heard today 9/14/06 on right wing radio, Lars Larson talking with CJ (portland cop)
They both briefly mentioned about being at ground zero (NY) on this Sept 11
Don't remember exactly if they "both were there" on this recent sept 11, but the point I caught was them saying:
"There sure were a lot of conspiracy kooks out at ground zero passing out propaganda"
They both briefly agreed that these "nuts were wacky ...,and there were allot of them out on that day"
They commented on how "shameful and disrespectful the kooks were to those who had lost their lives at that tragedy"

I enjoyed hearing them both acknowledge that the WORD is spreading and that PEOPLE were all over the place spreading the word!

- HA - where upon those two both probably wish the 911 Truth Movement would SHUT UP and GO AWAY ...
It only looks to be growing stronger and the words of truth and the questions escalating

I also read on the loose change website about how they passed out 7,000 DVDs on Sept 11
(For a total of 10,00 DVD on sept 10 and 11))

Solidarity in the fight for the Truth about what really happened on 9-11

From your `average joe anybody' citizen

THE GAME IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 28.Sep.2006 00:24

Outrageous Audio

You guys kick ass.... I am a Gresham Business owner....let me knoe what I can do and when it is going to happen. I will be Downtown on Oct 5ht. It is on.


abc 06.Mar.2007 11:32