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"One Man Parade" - BushCo Must Go!!

About 5 months ago, I decided that I'd had enough of the charade I felt we all were living abiding the corruption of the Bush Administration!! I had grown tired of feeling voiceless in the face of the GOP scandals surfacing weekly, the threat of nuclear war with Iran looming, the undermining of the integrity of our elections, our government's moral bankruptcy on the various human rights issues facing the world, and the utter dismantling of the civil rights guaranteed to Americans through the Constitution. I felt the need to try to stimulate more political consciousness, and more ACTION, among fellow progressives, and even conservatives, who believe that NOW is the time to ACT.

I decided to carry a sign wherever I go in Portland, essentially becoming, as one passerby dubbed me, a "one man parade." My aim is to try to make people think... "Wow, if this guy is so committed and so passionate that the Bush Administration (hereafter BushCo) is destroying the USA, he is daily carrying a sign and connecting with hundreds/thousands of people on the way to and from work, maybe I should be doing more, or at least something... I, too, am disgusted with what is happening to this country, under the leadership of a cadre of politicians that doesn't believe in any role for Government beyond making war and enriching the wealthy!"
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