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Support Daniel by organizing your community!


So far Daniels supporters (and that includes you!) have done an excellent job of organizing ourselves to support him in these difficult times. We have been drawing on Daniel's connections to the community to build support for his freedom. It is also important that we map out our relationships (political, social, cultural, etc.) so that we can expand the scope of our work.
Some people, organizations, and individuals will show Daniel solidarity because of their ideological commitmentbut many others will listen to us because we are connected through some commonality. We plan to reach a broader population of potential supporters who do not share an immediate or obvious connection with Daniel McGowan himself by utilizing all of the connections to broader communities that exist within our networks. We are asking for your help in this endeavor.

Who to contact
- Consider contacting people from every aspect of your daily lifework, school, neighborhood, religious, social, etc.
- Think about your potential connections to politicians, celebrities, issue-based or identity-based groups, and grassroots and national organizations that might offer powerful voices of support.
- Keep in mind that Daniel is being tried in Oregon so make any connections with Oregon communities a priority in your organizing.

What to Ask
Each person or organization will be able to assist Daniel in different ways.

Immediately, we need legal fund donations and we need heightened awareness around the issues. Ultimately, we need the largest and most strategically possible segment of the population to have knowledge, interest, and affinity with Daniel and his case. When engaging a group, think about what the next step might be in our program to organize people around Daniel McGowan and the Green Scare. For example, if you are approaching a group that is a local chapter of a larger organization, encourage the local group to approach the larger group. If you are approaching a group that holds credibility with a broader population, encourage the group to use their credibility to encourage more people to support Daniel. In some cases, it might be appropriate for a whole group to make a collective statement or resolution in support of Daniel. If the group has connections to a celebrity or politician, encourage them to make contact about Daniel or set up a meeting.

We can provide you with a package including the support statement for people to sign, an email sign-up list, flyers, talking points, and when possible and appropriate, we could send a speaker to address your group. If you are unsure of what kind of support to ask for when contacting someone, let us know and we can help develop strategies specific to your connections.

What Were Asking of You

Were asking all supporters to participate in this exercise and pledge to contact at least 5 people and/or organizations from your extended network. Please send us the names or descriptions of organizations and people that youre contacting so that well know who is being approached.

Our human networks are massive. Successfully utilizing them to spread support for Daniel may prove critical in the campaign for his freedom. Please do your best to make five new connections.

Thanks so much for your solidarity,
Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan

PS - Here is Lesson Six from Ten Lessons from The Criminalization of Dissent by Camilo Viveiros:

Lesson Six: Map Our Connections:
When looking to build broader support, we need to map out our personal web of connections. This includes our ethnic and religious heritages, and the places and communities to which we are connected. Who can we mobilize? Who can support us?

Repression can be the time to reconnect with our family and friends on our own terms. Try to remember all of the people and organizations you had ever been associated with. We might be surprised where solidarity comes from if we approach people strategically highlighting our common self-interest.

Family and Friends of Daniel McGowan
Daniel McGowan is an environmental and social justice activist, unjustly arrested and charged in federal court. To donate to Daniel's legal defense, send a check or postal money order made out to "Lisa McGowan" to Lisa McGowan, PO Box 106, NY, NY 10156-106.

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportdaniel.org, http://www.myspace.com/danielmcgowan
address: address: Lisa McGowan, PO Box 106, NY, NY 10156-106