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Daniel McGowan is off house arrest

Great news!
Daniel is no longer on house arrest!!
Daniel McGowan
Daniel McGowan
Today Daniel's lawyers received word that Judge Aiken signed off on the
motion which allowed Daniel's electronic monitoring device to be
removed. Other restrictions still apply, but he is allowed to be out of the
apartment and enjoy the crisp autumn weather coming our way.

Thanks for the continued support and well wishes.

Family & Friends of Daniel McGowan
POB 106, NY, NY 10156

Want to help Daniel? See  http://www.supportdaniel.org/morehelp/other.html

homepage: homepage: http://www.supportdaniel.org
address: address: POB 106, NY, NY 10156

Yea! 12.Sep.2006 11:33

rob roblosricos@riseup.net

Enjoy the (limited) freedom, Daniel! Love ya, man!

Rob los Ricos

Great news! 12.Sep.2006 11:37


Happy to hear this. May the ridiculous witchhunt finally come to an end. The universe rewards what is right.