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98-0 for More War

Ninety-eight senators vote to continue wars. Where is parallel action for Peace!
Ninety-eight senators last week voted more tens of billions for war, while not one senator has signed Declaration of Peace or related bills. (Two senators did not vote: Chaffee & Lieberman.) The senate has no problem with continuing to fund war, yet has infinite trouble even voting on Department of Peace, let alone passing it, as another example.

In the PacNW, Cantwell, Murray, Smith, Wyden, all united to sign onto more war. None has signed Declaration of Peace, & the deadline is September 21. I think there'll be some visits to congressional offices nationwide.

No problem with war; insurmountable problem with Peace. Not even an attempt to balance the two. Just more war, & less Peace. War is not controversial; Peace is. War is NOT dangerous, to the senate; Peace is dangerous, apparently. Uhhhhh, ..... ARE THOSE PEOPLE ALL NUTS???!!!

we could consolidate homesec and justice as the Department of Love 11.Sep.2006 17:20

and the Department of Truth can run NPR and the FCC

I can only imagine what kinds of Orwellian ridiculousness will ensue if Congress creates a Department of Peace and Bush and Cheney start appointing people to run it. Who would be Bush's Secretary of Peace? That guy from the UN, probably.

No More Orwellian 11.Sep.2006 17:41

Den Mark

No more Orwellian than a Department of "Defense" being run as a Department of Offense, by a sociopath like rumsfeld. My point was, & is, that there isn't even pretense of balance between war & Peace in this government, & maybe not in this "culture" either. Again, war is "normal" & Peace is suspect, it seems. That's sick. It's all about mental set, & the mental set of this country is off-set, by ignorance, fear, & self-centeredness.

profit-system politics 12.Sep.2006 08:17


in a society run by and for profit, ANY means -- including war -- will be employed to obtain more profit. It is not based on greed, or the work of a few bad apples, it is how the system works. How to fix it?

Very easy.

Produce for need, instead of gain. Make the privately-controlled resources public-- controlled by the public.

This is socialism

Senators vote for war because they have no idea how to "sell" peace... 14.Sep.2006 18:42

Pravda or Consequences

The polls I see show Americans want out of Iraq and have no confidence in GW.

But war shows our "strength" as we battle the "terrorists".

They don't see how women and children in this country are victimized daily as GW insists that he needs absolute power to "protect" us. When will he start with the power he has?

The answer: a general strike and an overhaul of union management in order to create worker-owned private enterprises and a more democratic structure for public sector organizations.

We obviously cannot depend on "centrists" of any stripe.