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"One Man Parade" - BushCo Must Go!!

Let 9-11 be a date to remember in your life, not because of the dark day the world suffered 5 years ago, or because of the Bush Administration's reliance on memory of 9-11 to make Americans fearful enough to give up civil liberties to fight the bullsh*t "War on Terror". Make it the day and date that you said that you are going to fight for your country!! Join the Impeachment for Truth and Accountability Movement and demand investigations of all facets of this corrupt Administration's cover-up regarding 9-11, Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, the NSA wiretapping, the 800 Signing statements, the Medicare fraud, the fraud against our Veterans...the list goes on and on!!

Fight back, and we can take back the country we had before Bush stole the 2000 election and launched the GWOT (Global War on the Truth).
About 5 months ago, I decided that I'd had enough of the charade I felt we all were living abiding the corruption of the Bush Administration!! I had grown tired of feeling voiceless in the face of the GOP scandals surfacing weekly, the threat of nuclear war with Iran looming, the undermining of the integrity of our elections, our government's moral bankruptcy on the various human rights issues facing the world, and the utter dismantling of the civil rights guaranteed to Americans through the Constitution. I felt the need to try to stimulate more political consciousness, and more ACTION, among fellow progressives, and even conservatives, who believe that NOW is the time to ACT.

I decided to carry a sign wherever I go in Portland, essentially becoming, as one passerby dubbed me, a "one man parade." My aim is to try to make people think... "Wow, if this guy is so committed and so passionate that the Bush Administration (hereafter BushCo) is destroying the USA, he is daily carrying a sign and connecting with hundreds/thousands of people on the way to and from work, maybe I should be doing more, or at least something... I, too, am disgusted with what is happening to this country, under the leadership of a cadre of politicians that doesn't believe in any role for Government beyond making war and enriching the wealthy!"

My signs say, "NO MORE BUSH WAR / IMPEACH," "OUSTING BUSH IS PATRIOTIC", "BUSH IS A FRAUD", "NOTHING TO FEAR BUT BUSH HIMSELF", "BUSH HATES THE CONSTITUTION", "WOULD YOU DIE FOR BUSH'S LIES?", etc. Not overly creative, but perhaps enough to motivate people to take some initiative, to stand up for our country and start fighting back against the Neocon and Far Right extremists that have overtaken the US Government, to remind people that this is our Democracy, and to thereby shake them from the brink of despair and resignation.

Each day, I walk or take the bus to one of the many bridges into Portland, pull my favorite signs from my bag (some are better than others depending on the traffic flow, and the total is now over 25, double-sided), and either hang for about an hour, or walk across the bridge. I stop short of my office, throw the signs in my bag and go to work. At the end of the day, I will walk home over the same bridge, signs brandished, and hopefully expose another thousand people to my idealism and optimism for a turnaround, and an eradication of the BushCo Culture of Corruption.

As noted, this all started in Spring, in earnest. However, I have been carrying a two-sided sign in my bag since 2005, for use whenever the opportunity arises. It is such a rush to see the amazing support I get from drivers, pedestrians, bike-commuters and even more serious cyclists. It is very encouraging, yet simultaneously heart-rending to hear the honks and the shouts of encouragement, to see the peace signs waved with enthusiasm, and to see the fists raised high amid shouts of thanks, and "Rock on, Dude!!" My favorite though is the blasts from truck-drivers' air-horns!!

And five months into my "one man parade", what still strikes me is the response I see in over 70% of the people whose eyes I try to see as they pass by - a joyful gratitude that I am saying what they are thinking. The supportive reactions I get each day, and even the negative ones, make me think the extra 20 - 60 minutes to and from work is well worth it.

I had some free time one weekend early on, so I hit the bridge with the NO MORE BUSH WAR / IMPEACH BUSHCO sign for an hour plus. A couple in their 50's stopped to talk as they were crossing the bridge, and after reading both sides of the sign, the man said he has a son serving in Iraq. I explained that I support the troops, and that I am outraged that they are risking young lives and limbs in Iraq solely because of BushCo's lies. He smiled, nodded and thanked me, and as he and his wife turned to continue across the bridge, he too, flashed a peace sign.

Occasionally passersby will join me for a period of time, but many have stopped me around town to say that they see me frequently, often asking what group I am with (none on this effort), and always to thank me. One time, a guy gave me friendly grief for missing a morning, saying that even his bus driver noticed, saying something along the lines of, "where's my sign guy?!" That was cool!!

I see in Portland commuters the same hope and optimism I feel every day, that we will correct the wrong that has been inflicted on the country! Until that flicker of hope is extinguished, and I decide that it is indeed time to leave the United States of Fascistic Theocracy, I will continue my "One Man Parade"! My true aspiration is to inspire people who support the concept that BushCo must be held accountable for its many crimes, to develop their own, more creative ways to encourage friends and fellow citizens to loudly reject the fraud that is being perpetrated on America!

Either way, let's each strive to make Portland, or our respective hometowns, a leader in the movement to stop the madness of King George and his imperialist, corporatist, torturing, dishonest and deceptive ways, and send him back to Texas, or to the Hague, before 2008!

The Power 12.Sep.2006 08:07

of One

is enormous - keep up the good work

fighting in the propaganda war 12.Sep.2006 09:02

sassykathy46 sassykathy46@gmail.com

I love what Steve does and I join him on many mornings on the Hawthorne Bridge. I also post signs on telephone posts - that like steve's signs are meant to make people think. I try to counter the GWOT [Global War on Truth] in my own AND with Steve; my signs are aimed at pedestrians with a little time - often near bus stops - so they can be a 'little' wordier, but not too wordy. I also like to hit high schools where our children are so apt to be pestered by recruiters. I hope that other readers and activists are inspired to find their own way to fight back in this propaganda war.

Hey, Styve! 12.Sep.2006 12:52

Jody Paulson

I just wanted to let you know that I'm still at it with my sign here in San Francisco. I went out with it today, and I carried it in the 9-11 truth march to the Power to the Peaceful concert in Golden Gate Park last Saturday. Several thousand people must have seen it that day as I walked around with it throughout the concert (one side says "Love conquers fear" and the other says "Truth conquers lies"). A dozen people must have asked to take my picture. BTW, about 60-100 people were in the 9-11 truth parade that went up the Haight from the Panhandle. We walked through the park and beneath the stage where thousands must have seen us -- Rep. Kucinich was speaking at the time. I'm disapointed that more people didn't show up for the 9-11 truth march, but the ones that did made a lot of noise! I'm sure thousands of people got deception dollars that day, we did a good job handing them out.

Freeway blogging is a great idea as well 12.Sep.2006 13:25

* speak out for truth and censor lies *

Styve you're great and I admire your actions! Hopefully more people will follow your lead. Your efforts are applauded! Exercise free speech and wake people up. There's so much power in what you're doing. Take the message to the people. They are more and more receptive to truth these days because they're gradually becoming aware of all the lies and manipulation (propaganda), which were used to sell this illegal oil war. They are waking up to the deception. They know it's not justified and their conscience is getting the best of them. They know Empire and domination is wrong. Putting the truth right in people's face is what we need more of. - Peace

*Blogging Overpasses on 9-11  http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2006/09/345722.shtml

That's Great Jody...glad to hear you are still fighting!! 12.Sep.2006 13:39


New signs, as of 9-11...

9-11 - False Flag, IMPEACH
9-11 - the First of MANY LIES
9-11 - Bush's Gulf of Tonkin
Bush says, "BOO!"

Shoot me an email...would dig hearing more about the SF effort!


re BIG signs 12.Sep.2006 15:44


I still think that bigger signs work better--and I hope those taking part in future "Every Monday 4:30-6:30pm Bridge FLASH MOBS" will put on their creativity caps (and costumes too) and join in on this relatively recent portland "institution" ("institution" akin to peace rally 5pm every Friday at Pioneer Courthouse Square, another really important local group pressing for change, justice, peace and liberty)

Thankyou... 12.Sep.2006 15:47


I posted the article titled "A Small 9/11 Protest." Thankyou for the comment. I read your article and it has inspired me. I plan on doing some brainstorming and figuring out a good way to go about things out here. I will try to join you guys on fridays. Again I wanted to thankyou for what you do and the inspiration you have given me. Keep up the good fight.