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Monday's Events

Blogging Overpasses on 9-11 - I will be holding giant signs over the 205 on Monday 9-11-06. BUSH LIES is one. Another is 9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB. 9-11 will be a great day to remind folks that Bush is a liar and needs to be removed from office. Lets give people something to talk about at work Monday morning. I will be over the 205 with a 20 foot wide 5 foot tall sign during rush hour traffic. [ read more ]

Community gathering for peace: Sunday and Monday - Code Pink Portland will join with People of Faith for Peace and other peace and justice organizations for a public fast on September 10th and 11th. Our mission is to unite clergy, lay leaders, peace groups and individuals from all persuasions and to bring attention to the urgency for peacemaking and provide opportunities for personal commitment, education and discussion - a reflective, supportive, joyous event. [ read more ]

Impeachment flash mob tomorrow - Impeachment flash mob tomoroow, 9/11/06. 4:30 to 6;30 PM. Eastbound side of Morrison Bridge. Impeachent signs with "www.911truth.org" included welcome! Call city council members and persuade them to impeach the Bush Administration! [ read more ]