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In Memory of Fouad Kaady

Words are difficult to find when trying to describe the memorial service for Fouad Kaady. Held at St. George Antiochian Church in Portland, it was beautiful and inspiring. Though we are not members, we were welcomed gladly by those who attended. I watched the young altar boys during the communion and thought about Fouad, who had been just where they were not that long ago. The woman sitting next to me, knowing that we were there to honor Fouad, told me that they miss him very much and that he was a wonderful boy. In the year since his death, I have heard that often.

Den Mark adds: It was an honor to remember Fouad with his family & friends. Their grief is wrenching & painful, but their warmth & dignity are amazing. I know this family only thru sharing the street with them at the courthouse vigil last year, but i love them. I simply love them. May they know Peace.

LN adds: It was grand to see so many that we recognized from Indy, showing up to support these fine folks. I know that the family felt our strength. They wanted that we should convey their gratitude for Indy keeping the incident before the public eye.

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