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In Memory of Fouad Kaady

We have just returned from Fouad Kaady's Memorial Service.
Words are difficult to find when trying to describe the memorial service for Fouad Kaady. Held at St. George Antiochian Church in Portland, it was beautiful and inspiring. Though we are not members, we were welcomed gladly by those who attended. I watched the young altar boys during the communion and thought about Fouad, who had been just where they were not that long ago. The woman sitting next to me, knowing that we were there to honor Fouad, told me that they miss him very much and that he was a wonderful boy. In the year since his death, I have heard that often.

Rachid, Fouad's father, sang in the choir and sang solo some of the time. I thought about how he must have sung for his son. At the end of the regular service, a small table was set out with candles, a picture of Fouad and the traditional boiled wheat placed by the picture. The priest offered prayers for Fouad and his family.

After the service we were invited to coffee hour in the reception hall. There, the boiled wheat was served along with various other dishes and people came to share their grief with Rachid and Samira. Hard as the day was, I know that the family gained support from those who came to greet them. There were several people whom I recognized from prior events. I am certain that the family felt the warmth of the community. Thank all of you.
Wonderful Family 10.Sep.2006 18:46

Den Mark, Vanouver

It was an honor to remember Fouad with his family & friends. Their grief is wrenching & painful, but their warmth & dignity are amazing. I know this family only thru sharing the street with them at the courthouse vigil last year, but i love them. I simply love them. May they know Peace.

Den Mark
(Green Flag Guy)

There is strength in numbers 10.Sep.2006 21:26


It was grand to see so many that we recognized from Indy, showing up to support these fine folks. I know that the family felt our strength. They wanted that we should convey their gratitude for Indy keeping the incident before the public eye.
I never met Fouad, but being with so many people who knew and loved him made him almost come alive for me. If ever a death screamed out for vindication, this one does. Since the proper avenue for justice was blocked by the District Attorney in this case, as well as the Sheriff and Chief Skelton, the family has no other recourse but to seek civil redress. I hope that Mr Spence makes these thugs and their supervisors pay dearly for this colossal act of violence and utter disregard for human life, as well as the arrogance of their supervisors to then try to tell us it was all in a day's work.
In the coming months, there will be many times that the family will need to feel our support. Watch this space for news and updates, and be sure to catch the movie, when it debuts. It promises to be much more informative and factual than anything you will see on corp media.

Amazing Grace 11.Sep.2006 09:26

Madam Hatter

I, too, was honored to be so warmly welcomed by Fouad's family and friends. It was a beautiful service and the singing was truly incredible. It was great seeing some IndyMedia compatriots there too. But what moved me the most was the strong sense of community. Perhaps if there was more of that in this world, we wouldn't have tragedies like Fouad's murder.

Amazing Grace, and Strength, and Courage are the words that come to mind when I think of Fouad's parents - Rachid and Samira. I never knew Fouad, but his parents are two of the warmest, most gracious and charming people I've ever met. As are the rest of the family. There's no question in my mind that the apples don't fall far from those trees. I cannot even imagine the pain and loss they must feel, yet they welcomed me - a virtual stranger - like I was one of their own. Thank you.

And thank you, too, for going the distance in pursuing some semblance of justice for your fallen son. By demanding accountability of these lawless "lawmen", you are paving the way for a better, safer world for us all. As a Sandy resident and mother who worries every time her kids leave the house, I am eternally grateful. Please know you have our support and that my thoughts and prayers are with you.


A Big Thank you 11.Sep.2006 11:35


Our family was honored by the presence of all the wonderful people that took
time from their busy schedule to join us for the memorial service. I hoped
everyone would have joined us for the coffee hour.
God bless you. We are ever so grateful for so many caring people.

To the family 11.Sep.2006 18:55

one who attended

We are with you for the long haul. Bless all of you and take care of yourselves.

I had no idea... 11.Sep.2006 22:30

"Juju" - a former co-worker

I just learned of Fouad's death today - one year later. I was shocked. Aside from knowing his sister, I worked with Fouad at a restaurant in NW Portland. He was always so helpful and considerate. He made my work much easier and I always felt I could count on him. I am deeply sorry for this tragedy. Please know that with even the littlest of gestures (like those he showed me each weekend while working), Fouad was a geniunely wonderful young man. My heart is with his family.

Welcome, JuJu 12.Sep.2006 06:34

Nutu Indi

Juju, I am glad that you have learned of this sorrowful event. Have you had time yet, to browse the over 175 postings on this site, to learn of what happened to Fouad? Please stay tuned, as the fight for justice goes on.