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beaverton high school lock in
I am sitting inside Beaverton High School, which is surrounded by police. I am in a class with 45 students, all of whom believe it is a drill. I am wondering if there has been an incident. I have seen swat teams moving past the windows, but it has been over an hour. Can someone on the outside let me know that is going on??
the 07.Sep.2006 15:48


received a call about a possible fight and a possible gun so they put the school into LOCK IN as precaution although searches turned up nothing- are you out yet?

news release 07.Sep.2006 18:03


Thursday, September 07, 2006

Beaverton High School 'lock-in' called off
Press Release from: Beaverton Police Department

At about 1:00P today Washington County 9-1-1 received a cell phone call announcing that there was a fight with a gun involved at Beaverton High School 13000 SW 2nd St.

Officers were close by and able to quickly surround the school at the same time making contact with both security and administrative staff. No immediate signs of trouble at the school were noted.

The school was placed into a "Lock-In" mode by the district security director and school administration. This process protects students and staff by securing them in rooms and restricting free movement in the school.

Additional law enforcement personnel were brought in to secure the perimeter while officers searched the interior of the main school, cafeteria and Merle Davies annex. No disturbances or suspicious activity were noted and the school was released from "Lock-In" at about 2:45P. About 20 Beaverton Officers were used to secure and search the property.

"Although there were several tense moments through-out the ordeal shared by police, staff, students and parents arriving on scene, I was thrilled at how well the police and school district coordinated their efforts to ensure the safety of all on scene", said Police Chief David G Bishop.

Police will continue their efforts by technical and other means to identify which cell phone was used and who made the call. The suspect faces at least a charge of Disorderly Conduct which is a Class B misdemeanor.

Thank you 08.Sep.2006 08:54


How great is it that this person posted on Indy right in the middle of the event. Thank you whoever you are! We appreciate that first hand reporting.