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City Repair: Still No Word On Mosier Restoration?

Questions have been asked, but no answers are being provided by the folks at City Repair since the "Metapoesis" event took place late last month.
What happened? Was there bonafide ecological content?

How many people attended? What did they do beside party and engage in New Age jumbo?

One poster from Mosier said that the only workshop with ecological content was the one that he held, providing a tour of the place and explaining about the environment there, but that only two participants came to it. Is this true?

Are the town of Mosier, the Gorge, and the region in at least slightly better shape ecologically as a result of Metapoesis, or worse shape?

What about the restoration work to the site that was promised? Is there going to be a work party for this? When? Please provide details.

All I can say 04.Oct.2006 13:04

in response to your questions

what Ant said

"The event, because there was not a single workshop on ECO anything. The workshops were things like "Who are the Indigo People, and Why are They Here" and "OMMing in the Dome". I lead a hike to a lookout and talked a bit about the ecosystem and geology of the area but only 2 people came.
The was also a large amount of people who had no idea what had went on and were definitly there for a huge rave like party. Some folks were very understanding of the situation, but others would make excuses constantly like, "But at least people are becoming enlightened here." Which I don't believe was happening. "

is true.

The outcome as far as I know is. No the gorge is not better for the event. What was a field is now a dust bowl post parking. A road exists through a meadow and forest where there was none before. New trails were broken. Fires were started. neighbors had spaced out people wandering up to their homes. A car was abandoned for over a month in a spot on the road that was dangerous for people traveling to their homes above. structures still exist that have not been taken down. I also heard that holes for composting toilets were dug across property lines and when it was realized they were dug on another property they were abandoned. If this is true these holes may be big enough for animals to fall into in the winter and not be able to escape. One neighbors private composting toilet was used to the point that it is now full to the brim (or throne). The owner of the toilet (a person who knows very well how to live in close connection to the land) will be out of town until next month when they will return to find a pile much in need of removal. Metapoiesis-metaphor. One response after the event that I heard from more than one person was- its worse than I thought. All this is to be expected from a big party, I suppose. But its not what I think most people expected from a supposed 'ECO' event.